Hebei local works little soldier and fantasy overseas touted new network – in mentalist

Hebei local works, "little soldier? Fantasy" overseas – touted Beijing, Beijing, September 8 Shijiazhuang Xinhua (reporter Chen Lin) "in foreign Street propaganda, we China exquisite dance, and drum drum and paper puppet vivid performances, are warmly welcome overseas visitors." 8, "little soldier?" fantasy drama Zhang Ga plays one of Han Shaobo in an interview with reporters said. "Soldier Zhang Ga" by the famous writer Xu Guangyao original classic literature, with several generations of readers in Chinese. Since May this year, after the adaptation of the series in the form of theatrical debut in Beijing, Shijiazhuang and other places, causing concern in the industry. "Little soldier? Fantasy" the only 3 actors and a few simple paper body puppet puppet show, is to show the creative methods to win the audience and market recognition. August 24th -27, the play in Edinburgh, England, the theater played 4 songs, loved and sought after by overseas audiences. Han Shaobo said, in order to stand out from all over the world in different forms of the show, the crew before performing every day to promote. There are a large number of Chinese and local people to watch the show, the performance of applause. In September 8th, "little soldier? Fantasy" at the end of the British Edinburgh frontier activities after the show, held a news conference in Shijiazhuang. According to reports, supported by the drama department of the national endowment for the Arts in 2015, produced by the elite group, in honor of the Hebei Institute of media, Hebei Tianming Media Co., Ltd. Co produced. Conference, the organizers also announced the next stage of the show program. According to reports, September will be unveiled in Tianjin "Cao Yu forever -2016 Tianjin drama week", October will be unveiled at the Shanghai International Festival of international children’s show project promotion, in November as Hebei Province students Drama Festival champion, will represent Hebei to participate in the "National Campus Drama Festival" for national awards, will be performed after the next round of Beijing the. In 2017, the performance of the play has been transferred to South Korea, Japan and other countries and regions and the world more international arts festival. (end)相关的主题文章: