Henan to build a network of information networks in the shape of Henan in the future to become so (v-9c8921

Henan to build the shape of the information network hub in Henan in the future to become so in the morning of November 9th, the third session of the general assembly in Zhengzhou, the opening of the Internet in Henan. This Internet Conference to promote the integration of Internet innovation "theme, the construction of network economy". Wu Jiangxing, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and other experts as well as well-known domestic Internet companies are mainly responsible for the keynote speech. – Oriental Daily News chief correspondent Li Ling · the mammoth building "vice governor rice shaped modern information network hub" of Henan Province, Zhang Weining said at the meeting, the Henan provincial government attaches great importance to the construction of the Internet, by laying the foundation for information network, strengthen the promotion of communication hub, a new type of network economy to develop big data, cloud based on computing, networking and other new generation of information technology, to provide strong support of information technology for economic and social development. At the same time, in support of the Ministry of industry, the successful completion of Zhengzhou launched a national Internet backbone direct point, completed "AON Henan", our province has become the country seven Internet source layout and agglomeration of national data center construction area two, has recently become one of the second batch of approved construction of national comprehensive test data area of the province, Zhengzhou international communication special channel also successfully approved. The ten just concluded, the information communication industry especially put forward new and higher requirements of the Internet industry, has also brought great strategic opportunities to accelerate the development of the internet. Henan will firmly grasp this opportunity to further increase efforts to promote the development of the Internet industry. First, efforts to build a new generation of information and communication infrastructure. We will accelerate the implementation of the pilot project of telecommunications universal service, and strive to build a modern information network hub in Zhengzhou. Two is the in-depth implementation of the "Internet plus" action. In the innovation of management mechanism, data gathering, sharing key areas of application, industrial development and other aspects of a pilot. Three is to strengthen the industry management. Improve the level of information security. Henan construction of the network economy has great potential and broad prospects of industry and Deputy Minister of the Ministry of information Chen Zhaoxiong said, Henan Province as a major economic province, the emerging industrial province and influential cultural province of China, with geographical advantages, market advantages and unique network infrastructure, solid industrial foundation for the development of network economy. In recent years, Henan province to seize the new round of development of information technology innovation opportunities, actively promote the development of the Internet, the network made a clear goal of building a strong economy, has made great progress in the application of Internet technology, industry, and cross-border integration and other aspects, the construction of the network economy has great potential and broad prospects. Henan cloud computing industry alliance data inaugurated in Henan Province third Internet Conference, Chen Zhaoxiong, vice governor of Henan province Zhang Weining as "Henan cloud computing industry alliance data reported in Henan, unveiling a member of the cloud computing industry alliance big data, cloud big data group Co. Ltd. Henan Zhongyuan elected as the first director of alliance Chairman unit, Henan financial media group elephant was elected vice chairman of the unit. Video: 117 meters per second speed China Gao Tiechao meeting stunning foreign media today thermography: neonatal pillow pillow covered with red spots found dead mouse today hot smell: Henan 25 village Chinese selected traditional villages list surface相关的主题文章: