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[home] rhyme 83 yuan to sitting on the first place, a taste of home! Sohu and meet to meet you – – – – the delicacy that you can | five minutes to close contact with the old Xiamen this is my first trip to the hotel taigu. Before she had some impression about is considerable near Hongshan fabric rain, far audible sound waves, sitting on the drum, downtown, great location. Five minutes walk to Zhongshan Road, ferry, car five minutes to reach the Xiamen University, South Putuo. Hiding in the first square in Xiamen, with the reputation of the Gulangyu Islet outside the sea watch. Even think: Taigu? Whether or not there is a link with Thailand! Visit is located on the five floor of the cafeteria, took on the position of the window, and sat. Look at the left side of the maternal and child building, with a small cake, said: a few years ago, you came out from there! A small cake looked up at a circle printed on a nifty chocolate small mouth asked me: I can not eat chocolate is right, dad? I’ll eat whatever my mother eats, through the umbilical cord! Umbilical cord? Word days, small pots of kindergarten friends have such a jump. I’m surprised, how do you know this thing? Encyclopedia tell me ah! She pointed to the side of the toy bear pleased with oneself! Seems really can never ignore the kid’s idea ah, they know more than we think, more importantly, they are honest! Like today I asked her: love to eat buffet Taigu? Yeah,I like it! Because the chocolate sauce good fun, delicious fish porridge! In a nonsense not to the point in the dialogue, we began the journey of Taigu hotel buffet delicacy. Taigu in Xiamen the first square, as The Inn Boutique. I think the boss or a genuine and nostalgic old Xiamen, trying to put many years ago on the Lujiang road into the memory. For example, this restaurant is called "the Long Wharf"; for example, direct access to the five layer from the layer of the elevator hall, everywhere fishing style: welcome to Taiwan is a ship, a ship is a seafood buffet, sushi stalls is a ship, even the painting on the wall decorated with the ship dock…… The entire hotel or restaurant gave me the feeling of missing Yong Ronghuagui, grand and magnificent, but more of a kind of quiet, random nature! Diagonally opposite, several foreign friends are going to have a meal, a large bowl of a large pot of seafood swaying in the light, the atmosphere is very good! Across the table and free from the glass window, Yanwu bridge ahead. The mountains to see the sea, about five minutes downstairs radius, that is the old Xiamen, Lujiang Road, Zhongshan Road. If this is the first time I come to Xiamen, there is a good choice, and the room price seems to be more friendly than the surrounding millennium, Indigo, Rui yi! Little surprise | buffet, I eat with emotion taste of home is contact some self-help, inevitably there will be fatigue homogenization, eating feel stereotyped (or just my limited knowledge). Then, little area today, only enough for 150 person Long Wharf gave me a little surprise. Here, especially suitable for the taste of food and food in southern Xiamen K相关的主题文章: