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How many times do you take the bad habit of driving oil? Sohu – car life, often happens, it is two of the same car, but in different owners hands, out of the two fuel consumption gap big, we take a look at this, what is the cause. A, the accelerator pedal trample uneven some motorists very love while driving, deep step throttle, and then travelled a long way, and then the gas pedal, said it is fuel-efficient driving, it is wrong, the shortage of world. Do not say first impact of such method to the ride comfort, said fuel, makes no sense. Let’s assume that after you hit the accelerator, your car has completed an acceleration process, but you don’t have to keep it up, so the car is only slowly moving forward. But when you once again to the vehicle acceleration, this time for the car to accelerate the efficiency will be greatly reduced, because the vehicle needs to be so to speed up, it needs to overcome the various aspects of the resistance, this is actually a more cost-effective way of driving. Two, blindly accelerate some drivers have a very bad habit is blind acceleration. For a simple example, in front of the intersection is clearly a red light, but the driver is still on the accelerator pedal, wait until the intersection and then a foot brake to stop the vehicle. This is not like the throttle that the braking method of travel, but also a very expensive way of driving oil. The right way should be, when the road saw in front of a red light or a vehicle has been stopped, we should let the foot off the accelerator pedal on the brake pedal, but don’t step on the brake pedal, the brake pedal is put in to emergency preparation. The use of engine braking to reduce speed, so that the vehicle slowly close to the front, when the distance is almost the same, the brake pedal to stop the vehicle to move forward. Three, long-term load is too large we all know that when the vehicle is moving, the greater the weight of the vehicle, the vehicle fuel consumption is also higher. But some owners often put the car when the truck, what things are piled up in the car, in the gas, and the total love fill up. That is invisible, the load of the vehicle becomes very high, as a result, the fuel consumption of the vehicle is also rising in the unconscious. In fact, we only need to prepare some things in the car will often use tomorrow, some things can not be put, you do not have to put in the car. Refueling, if daily in the city, convenient refueling and then add a box of 34 is enough, we take 50 liter fuel tank as an example, the 34 word is 37.5 liters, with 100 km fuel consumption 9 liters of oil as an example, it has been enough to run 400 kilometers. Sufficient to meet the daily needs of life. Four, some owners in order to open high-speed, efficient, no air conditioning, open the window to let the wind into the compartment, reduce the temperature inside the car. But in fact, to do so, in fact, is more expensive oil. Because of the open window, a large amount of air into the interior, will only increase the vehicle drag, and the drag to open the air-conditioning consumption is actually more. So, when the car temperature is too high, do not worry about fuel consumption, direct open space!相关的主题文章: