Hubei crazy knife robbery finger fanatics black driver stabbed 3 people grab 2

Since the Hubei crazy knife robbery finger fanatics black driver stabbed 3 people grab 2 car "finger fanatics" was arrested in mid August in Qianjiang City, the total population, Zhang Jin, Haokou and other places have occurred in five in the "black" driver with a knife robbery, causing a bad influence to the social order. On August 19th, the police station of Qianjiang Public Security Bureau received the alarm. A "black" driver was deceived by a young man, from Hao Hao to Zhou Jidong, carrying out knife robbery on Jing River embankment. In the course of resistance, the driver was chopped by the other side. In addition to being robbed of more than 100 dollars in cash, the young man robbed the car. Because the scene is very remote, there is no monitoring probe. Only by the description of the victim, it is difficult to lock the suspect. Just when the police traced clues, there have been 4 cases of "black" driver robbed. According to the police analysis, these cases should be done by the same person. Originally, all these cases occurred in the remote section. Although the "black" driver Zhang Jin, the total export, Yunlianghu. But they all reflect the same detail, a young man with a knife, a local accent, tattoos, and three severed fingers in his left hand. In this series of knife robbery cases, 3 people were stabbed and 2 cars were robbed. Behind crazy crime suspects, causing a bad influence to the social order, Qianjiang police immediately formed a special classes investigation. Monitor screenshot Mopai, Haokou into a person’s possession of a special class of sight. This person belongs to the society idle personnel, because drug abuse has been repeatedly hit. And most importantly, it’s very consistent with the description of the "black" driver. Moreover, in the surveillance video of the incident, police found his figure. It may be that the police’s investigation has disturbed the management of a certain person. In the morning of September 1st, he rented a car and fled to Yichang to take refuge in relatives. The use of technical means, a lock tube program hiding in Wujiagang District of Yichang city Yijuminlou, in cooperation with local police, the police on the morning of the second day, will be sleeping in a tube was arrested. A knife stabbing through the interrogation, confessed to a repeated robbery with a knife "black" driver confessed to the crime. At the same time, he also explained that the acquisition of stolen robbed Zhugentan yang. Second days afternoon, the police arrested the suspect received stolen goods will be done in one vigorous effort. At present, the suspect tube, Yang has been under criminal detention. (source: ridge reporter Sun Bin Zhou Beibei correspondent Yuan Chengzhi)

湖北断指狂徒疯狂持刀抢劫黑的司机 刺伤3人抢2车 “断指狂徒”被抓   8月中旬以来,在潜江市总口、张金、浩口等地先后发生了五起针对“黑的“司机的持刀抢劫案,给社会治安造成了恶劣影响。   8月19号,潜江市公安局周矶派出所接到报警。一名“黑的”司机被一名年轻男子,从浩口骗到周矶东荆河大堤上实施持刀抢劫。在反抗过程中,司机被对方砍伤。除了被抢一百多块钱现金,年轻男子还抢走了车。由于现场十分偏僻,没有监控探头。仅凭受害人的描述,一时难以锁定嫌疑人。正当民警追查线索时,又接连发生了4起“黑的”司机被抢案件。据警方分析,这些案件应该是同一人所为。原来,这些案件无一例外都发生在偏僻路段。虽然,“黑的”司机有张金的、有总口的、有运粮湖的。但是,他们都反映出同一个细节,实施持刀抢劫的是一名年轻男子,操本地口音,身上有纹身,且左手有三根断指。在这一系列持刀抢劫案中,有3人被刺伤,2辆车被抢。嫌疑人疯狂作案的背后,给社会治安造成了恶劣影响,潜江警方立刻组成专班进行侦查。 监控截图   经过摸排,浩口人管某进入了专班的视线。此人属于社会闲散人员,因吸毒曾被多次打击。最关键的是,其特征与“黑的”司机的描述十分吻合。而且,在案发时段的监控视频中,民警发现了他的身影。可能是民警的侦查工作惊动了管某。9月1号早上,他租了辆车逃往宜昌投靠亲戚。利用技术手段,专班锁定管某藏身在宜昌市伍家岗区一居民楼后,在当地警方的配合下,民警于第二天早上,将正在睡觉的管某当场抓获。 持刀伤人   通过审讯,管某对多次持刀抢劫“黑的”司机的犯罪事实供认不讳。同时,他还交代出收购被抢赃车的竹根滩人杨某。第二天下午,民警一鼓作气,将收赃嫌疑人抓获。目前嫌疑人管某、杨某已被刑事拘留。(来源:垄上行 记者 孙斌 周贝贝 通讯员 袁承志)相关的主题文章: