If you have to spend all my luck to meet you, please leave me alone-punyu

If you have to spend all my luck to meet, then you leave me a little concerned about the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: the ferryman yesterday I brush my circle of friends, circle of friends found two woman invariably made this sentence. If you have to spend all my luck to meet you, then you should be a little far away from me. I can’t help laughing when I see this sentence. Then I can’t help myself. But then I turned to brush, but found that this sentence can not find how. Then I went into the circle of the two girls and found that they had been deleted. Probably because the midnight special is always very easy to arouse people’s hypocritical mood. I found the two girls with pauses to chat up. The first sister called circle. Look round is the type of girl next door, is a most lead a fast horse. Go to KTV sing the most hi is her, go to the bar to dance the most powerful twist that she is different from her gentle appearance, she is in her work, rash and too much in haste, the atmosphere is always the most fiery, the world is full of reeky, pyrotechnic gas. But last night, she was a little sad to say to me: three years ago, I didn’t look like, at that time, always afraid of strangers, always quiet, but he love me this shape. I remember when he touched my head and said, "you look so cute.". It’s a really bad story. The girl went to the distance, to give up all the boys in the city, they worked hard together, work together, the thought of coming to fruition, is a complete success, where is the thought that some day in the future, the boy was derailed. Derailed is a beauty girl, have a very charming every twinkle and smile. Suddenly, the world collapsed. I asked him a lot of hysteria, not to say that I like the text quietly look like? Why are you still with her?. God knows, I was ugly, no skin no face, but still can not help but ask ah. However, the hearts of men, where can we get back? I bet on him all alone came to a strange battlefield, but did not expect that the only thing I left in the cold city man, the moment is abandoned me. Lu, you know, I have three years of not willing to do? I spend all my luck, with all my courage, regardless of personal danger to love a person, but my love is so full, his love is too shallow, then, two people, so break all ties. I tried to arm themselves, to become cheerful, generous, brave, I want to become the love he had his charming girl’s appearance, I really do, I can not the young me. So why don’t you love me love my lips with uninhibited, make friends with congenial persons, a smile can also hook into the small boys, but sometimes, heart, a little pain. At that moment, I can not even say that you deserve better these so-called comfort, then, God knows, she knows, but she really sad ah. She had spent all her courage and luck in the last romance, and she had no one相关的主题文章: