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UnCategorized Primary care is the standard medical care that you are advised to receive from childhood through your adult years. It includes standard and annual tests, evaluations, vaccinations, and consultations, as well as ad hoc care for any injuries, sicknesses, and conditions. Excellent primary care providers are located at your Germantown, MD primary care clinic, serving patients across Montgomery County and beyond. Primary Care Services Primary care includes tests and exams, treatments and diagnoses, and vaccinations. There are many kinds of physicals offered at your local primary care clinic, including the standard annual physical, sports physical, pre-college physical, DoT physical, and immigration physical. The sports physical is required by most middle schools and high schools each year before students can participate in a sports season, insuring they are safe to play, and have no conditions that are dangerous for their respective sport. The pre-college physical is required by most colleges and universities before students can attend campus, helping to ensure the health of everyone. The DoT physical is required every two years for employees of the Department of Transportation, and the immigration physical is required of immigrants. Another patient service is vaccinations. This includes the annual flu vaccine, as well as standard immunizations like typhoid, measles, rubella, mumps, varicella, HPV, diphtheria, meningitis, and hepatitis A and B. Allergy shots and travel vaccinations are also offered. Your Germantown, MD primary care clinics offer consultations, like mental health screenings, family planning, and counseling. They can also treat injuries, for example minor burns, breaks, and cuts, and are affiliated with an emergency unit next door. They can perform lab tests, diagnose illnesses, and provide treatment, including medication. Lastly, they can perform specialized exams for heart health, which includes stress tests and EKGs, and lung health, which includes pulmonary function tests. Germantown primary care clinics offer primary care medical services for patients throughout Montgomery County, Germantown, Gaithersburg, and Hyattstown. Clinics have seen thousands of people for years, and maintain excellence through the ACT mission, standing for availability, .passions, care, and trust. Quality primary care clinics strive to consistently meet patients’ medical needs, provide individualized care, gain trust, and operate with respect. Germantown primary care clinics exceed the requirements set by the Occupational Health and Safety Association, and the facility itself is easily accessible from all major thoroughfares. Now you have the idea on what primary care providers can give you, you can always consult one already. This can be a start to your better health. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: