Internet plus to promote the sustainable development of modern agriculture, finance,

"Internet plus" to promote the sustainable development of modern agriculture — Finance — Xinhua news agency in Nanjing in September 7,     the "Internet plus" modern agricultural work conference and the new farmers’ Entrepreneurial Innovation Conference in 6 to 7 days in Suzhou City, Jiangsu province held, Vice Premier Wang Yang attended the meeting and made a speech. He stressed that the development of "Internet plus" of modern agriculture, is to improve the quality and efficiency of the promotion of agricultural development and farmers’ income of major initiatives, is the effective way to strengthen the rural social management and services. We should conscientiously implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and the National Conference on science and technology innovation spirit, an important point of information technology as the modernization of agriculture, focus on goals and tasks of agricultural modernization and agricultural supply side structural reform, accelerate the popularization and application of modern information technology in agriculture and rural areas, promote the healthy development of the modern Internet plus "agriculture. Wang Yang stressed that the development of rural Internet, docking agricultural production, circulation of agricultural products, daily life of farmers and rural social management, agricultural and rural development services. To adapt to the characteristics of agriculture, rural land gas, follow the laws of market and industrial development, explore sustainable business model. We should speed up the construction of rural Internet infrastructure, build a multi-level service platform, improve the logistics network system. We should give full play to the main role of enterprises and farmers, and play the special role of supply and marketing cooperatives in the development of rural e-commerce. The government should strengthen planning guidance, policy support, standardization, market supervision, and strive to create a favorable environment for the development of modern agriculture Internet plus ". To encourage grassroots exploration and innovation of various types of market players, summing up the promotion of good experiences and practices, the development of modern agriculture Internet plus "bonsai into the scenery. Wang stressed that talent is the key to the development of modern agriculture. We must accelerate the development of new occupation farmer, strengthen the farmers’ information technology, occupation skill training, improving farmers’ production technology and management ability, encourage and guide all kinds of scientific and technological personnel, college graduates, migrant workers, retired soldiers wait for entrepreneurship and innovation in rural areas, the growing ranks of new farmers. "People’s Daily" (09 2016 08 August (04 Edition): Prince Qiao Xuefeng Hou, commissioning editor) 促进“互联网+”现代农业可持续发展–财经–人民网   新华社南京9月7日电  全国“互联网+”现代农业工作会议暨新农民创业创新大会6日到7日在江苏省苏州市召开,国务院副总理汪洋出席会议并讲话。他强调,发展“互联网+”现代农业,是提高农业发展质量和效益、促进农民增收的重大举措,是加强农村社会管理和服务的有效途径。要认真贯彻落实党中央、国务院的决策部署和全国科技创新大会有关精神,把信息化作为农业现代化的一个重要制高点,紧紧围绕农业现代化和农业供给侧结构性改革的目标任务,加快现代信息技术在农业农村领域的推广应用,推进“互联网+”现代农业健康发展。  汪洋强调,农村互联网发展,要对接农业生产、农产品流通、农民日常生活和农村社会管理,服务农业农村发展。要适应农业特点,接好农村地气,遵循市场和产业发展规律,探索可持续的商业运行模式。要加快农村互联网基础设施建设,搭建多层次服务平台,完善物流网络体系。要充分发挥企业和农民主体作用,发挥供销社等在农村电子商务发展中的特殊作用。政府要加强规划引导、政策支持、标准规范、市场监管等,努力创造“互联网+”现代农业发展的有利环境。鼓励基层和各类市场主体创新探索,重视总结推广好的经验和做法,将“互联网+”现代农业发展的盆景转化为风景。  汪洋强调,人才是现代农业发展的关键。要加快培育新型职业农民,加强对农民的信息技术、职业技能培训,提高农民生产技术和经营管理能力,鼓励和引导各类科技人员、大中专毕业生、返乡农民工、退役士兵等到农村创业创新,不断壮大新农民队伍。   《 人民日报 》( 2016年09月08日 04 版) (责编:王子侯、乔雪峰)相关的主题文章: