Interview with HUAWEI Xu Wenwei 2016 will become the first year of 4.5g definition of 5g- Sohu

Xu Wenwei: Interview with HUAWEI in 2016 will become the most hot year 4.5G definition of 5G- science and technology Sohu Sohu technology Barcelona reported this year Mao Qiying MWC2016 technology for 5G, then, HUAWEI 4.5G and 5G what is the relationship? How is the 5G standard going? Xu Wenwei, President of HUAWEI strategy Maketing, said in his exclusive interview with Sohu technology during the MWC2016 that 2016 was the first year of 4.5G, and basically realized its commercial use. "HUAWEI started to do 4.5G, the first time to see the industry on the basis of 4G, you can achieve from 150M rate up to 1Gbps, the number of connections from 20 million to 100 thousand, for IoT possible." Xu Wenwei revealed that HUAWEI will upgrade more than 60 networks to 4.5G this year. Xu Wenwei also talked about the 5G standard problem, MWC2016 not only displays the relevant 5G solutions, but also in the digital forum link, around the 5G in the future application sequencing, key technology, standards and so on to reach consensus. Xu Wenwei said, MWC2016 HUAWEI’s biggest change is "open, cooperation, win-win", emphasizing the integration with the industry chain enterprises, especially with competitors". "Opening, cooperation and win-win" become the trend, through the industrial chain cooperation to build a world connection, the former industry competition more, less cooperation, the next competition will be more and more cooperation." HUAWEI in the MWC2016logo color from traditional red to white, HUAWEI has more IT elements, put down serious faces, to open, flexible, inclusive ideological culture. 2016 will be the year of 5G standards, telecom operators, equipment vendors around the 5G related standards for technical testing. HUAWEI, Ericsson, ZTE, TCL, cool and other global communications companies pushed 5G technology to the front desk. HUAWEI executives have previously revealed that HUAWEI 5G has invested 600 million dollars in budget. Before the end of 2018, HUAWEI is committed to the standardization of 5G, in 2018 will be the first to cooperate with partners to open 5G commercial trial network, in 2019 to promote the completion of the industrial chain and to complete interoperability testing, 2020 officially commercial. On the 2015MWC, vice chairman of HUAWEI and CEO Hu said that 5G will become an important infrastructure and key enabler for the whole world and future information society. Hu pointed out that the future of the 5G network, will have as many as 100 billion of the number of connections, so that "everything interconnected" become a reality. At the same time, 5G will also have a low to 1 millisecond delay and the peak rate of up to 10Gbps, so that automatic driving and other industrial applications with high demand for delay will also get considerable development. In addition, due to the bandwidth has been greatly improved, ordinary users download a 8G HD movie time, also from the 3G era of 70 minutes and 7 minutes of the 4G era, down to 6 seconds.

专访华为徐文伟:2016年将成为4.5G元年 定义5G-搜狐科技      搜狐科技 毛启盈 巴塞罗那 报道   今年MWC2016技术的最热点为5G,那么,华为4.5G和5G是什么关系?目前5G标准进展如何?华为战略Maketing总裁徐文伟在MWC2016期间接受搜狐科技的专访时表示,2016年为4.5G元年,要基本上实现其商用。   “华为着手做的4.5G第一次让业界看到在4G的基础上,可以实现从150M速率上升至1Gbps,连接数量从2000万个到10万个,为IoT实现了可能。”徐文伟透露,今年华为将会将60多张网升级至4.5G。   徐文伟还谈到了5G标准问题,MWC2016不仅展出相关5G的解决方案,而且在数字论坛的环节,围绕5G在对未来应用程序排序、关键技术探讨、标准等达成共识。   徐文伟称,MWC2016华为最大的变化是“开放、合作、共赢”,强调与产业链企业的融合,尤其是与竞争对手“携手”。“开放合作共赢成为趋势,通过产业链合作打造世界连接,以前行业竞争多合作少,未来竞争下的合作会越来越多。”华为在MWC2016logo颜色从传统红色变成白色,华为有了更多IT元素,放下严肃面孔,走向开放、灵活、包容的思想文化。   2016年将是5G标准之年,电信运营商、设备商都在围绕5G相关标准展开技术测试。华为、爱立信、中兴、TCL、酷派等全球通信企业将5G技术推上了前台。华为高层此前透露,华为5G先后投入预算6亿美元。2018年底前,华为致力于5G标准化制定,2018年将率先与合作伙伴联合开通5G试商用网络,2019年推动产业链完善并完成互联互通测试,2020年正式商用。   在2015MWC上,华为副董事长兼轮值CEO胡厚?就表示,5G将成为全联结世界和未来信息社会的重要基础设施和关键使能者。胡厚?指出,未来的5G网络,将拥有多达1000亿的联结数量,从而使“万物互联”成为现实。同时,5G还将具有低至1毫秒的时延和最高达10Gbps的峰值速率,使自动驾驶等各种对时延有着极高要求的工业应用也将得到长足发展。此外,由于带宽得到极大提高,普通用户下载一部8G高清电影的时间,也将从3G时代的70分钟和4G时代的7分钟,降低到短短的6秒钟。相关的主题文章: