Investigation of Li Keqiang in two cities of Shenzhen and Dongguan — people’s network, Hainan

Li Keqiang in Shenzhen, Dongguan two city on Hainan channel — Chinese Premier Li Keqiang 13 in Guangdong Province, the study stressed that to make new energy gradually take the lead, the old energy constantly revitalized. After attending the 2016 national public entrepreneurship innovation activities week, the morning of 13, Li Keqiang in Guangdong, Shenzhen, Dongguan two cities investigation. Li Keqiang first came to the city of Dongguan is located in the Guangdong Oupo mobile communication limited visit. The company’s independent mobile phone brand OPPO born out of BBK brand, now has entered 19 countries and regions, shipments ranked fourth in the world, second in the country. Li Keqiang points praise BBK to OPPO gorgeous turn". He told the people in charge of you from the traditional industry of BBK period, now jumped to the production of high-end smart mobile phone, to achieve a gorgeous, butterfly, is the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing paradigm. On a visit to Dongguan, the local report, the local industry differentiation is obvious, the traditional clothes clothing processing, down 15%, but the electronic information industry growth rate of more than 20%. Li Keqiang said that this trend is very good, indicating that the old and new kinetic energy is accelerating conversion. To maintain the momentum of development, make new energy gradually take the lead, the old energy constantly revitalized. Subsequently, Li Keqiang drove to Shenzhen Han laser technology industry group inspection. The laser manufacturing and automation system integration equipment of high-end manufacturing enterprises, multi class laser equipment production and sales of the world’s first, a number of domestic technology is unique. In the enterprise workshop, Li Keqiang investigation stopped for more than 10 times, asked very carefully, almost looked at all the equipment. The prime minister praised the path and hope of China’s manufacturing transformation and upgrading. In the laser workshop of this enterprise, a laser cutting "made in China" steel word was sent to Li Keqiang. Li Keqiang carefully recite good but end, technology should be added to the "2025". The worker smiled and answered, and took the picture with the prime minister. Li Keqiang encourages employees, "made in China 2025" great hope, to shine in your hands. "I just saw in the OPPO production workshop and most of them use imported equipment, will change the domestic equipment to reduce the cost, you can not establish contact?" Li Keqiang voice just fell, Shenzhen Han laser head nodded again and again. (commissioning editor Chen Haiyan and Jiang Chengliu)

李克强在深圳、东莞两市考察–人民网海南频道–人民网   中国国务院总理李克强13日在广东省考察时强调,要让新动能逐步挑起大梁,旧动能不断焕发生机。   在出席2016年全国大众创业万众创新活动周后,13日上午,李克强在广东深圳、东莞两市考察。   李克强首先来到位于东莞市的广东欧珀移动通信有限公司考察。该公司自主手机品牌OPPO脱胎于步步高品牌,目前已进入19个国家和地区,出货量居全球第四、国内第二。李克强点赞步步高向OPPO“华丽转身”。他对企业负责人说,你们从步步高时期的传统产业,跃升到如今生产高端智能手机,实现了华丽转身、破茧成蝶,是制造业转型升级的范例。   在东莞考察中,当地负责人汇报,目前当地产业分化明显,传统衣帽服装加工等下降15%,但电子信息等产业增速超过20%。李克强说,这一走势很好说明新旧动能正在加速转换。希望保持发展势头,让新动能逐步挑起大梁,旧动能不断焕发生机。   随后,李克强又驱车赶往深圳市大族激光科技产业集团考察。这家提供激光加工及自动化系统集成设备的高端制造企业,多类激光设备产销量全球第一,多项技术国内唯一。在企业车间,李克强考察中停步10多次,问得特别仔细,近乎看遍全部设备。总理称赞,这里看到了中国制造转型升级的路径和希望。   在这家企业的激光车间内,一个激光切割的“中国制造”钢制字样送到李克强手里。李克强仔细端详说,工艺很好不过应加上“2025”。工人笑答已做出来了,并端着它与总理合影。李克强鼓励员工,“中国制造2025”大有希望,要在你们手上大放光芒。   “我刚才在OPPO生产车间看到他们大多使用进口装备,有意愿换为国产装备以降低成本,你们能不能建立联系?”李克强话音刚落,深圳大族激光负责人连连点头。 (责编:陈海燕、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: