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Marketing-Direct I used to be a member of Crunch Fitness Gym in Clonsilla, Dublin but my membership lapsed a few years ago. The other day I received a SMS message from them which said something like SPECIAL offer for St Patricks day. Rejoin Crunch gym before 7pm Mon 19th and receive a free Nike Rockstar course and no joining fee. Only a few spaces remaining. 01 8025906 This message was a good use of SMS marketing to contact and try to persuade past customers to start using their gym again by utilising direct response marketing. Reselling to old customers is more cost effective than identifying and selling to new ones. If they once had a need for your service then chances are likely that they will be candidates to use it again. When .pared to direct mail the cost of sending a SMS message is far less. Typically a SMS message can be sent for 5 cent whereas a direct mail piece including postage would cost around 80 cent. As SMS marketing in Ireland is still in its infancy response rates can often reach 40% or more, depending on the offer and target audience. The open rate for SMS messages is considerably higher than that of traditional mailings; however one downside can be the limitation in the number of characters that can be used in the message. The example SMS message from the gym marketing itself in Ireland made good use of a special day to give a reason for the promotion. Recipients of direct mailings and special offers like to know what the reason is for the offer and an occasion or event is a good reason. Another plus point of this message is the use of a free offer and waiving of the joining fee; this helps to strengthen the offer and makes it easier for people to try out the service. An even better approach might have been "no joining fee and first month free – try us out a no cost" Using a deadline for the offer is another positive thing about this SMS marketing message, by specifically giving a date and time prospects know that they need to act quickly. This is quite a strong call to action. Perhaps it could have been made even stronger by saying call 01 8025906 now avail of this offer. Can you use SMS marketing in your business? It can be very cost effective and relatively straightforward to implement. Don’t think that you can just use it to reactivate old clients; there are a whole host of other possibilities for it. For example you can use inbound SMS messaging to make it easier for customers to request your brochure. This could be as simple as including something like text you name and email address to 50000 to receive a copy of our brochure. You could then automate delivery of the brochure by email. The use of text messaging as a way of .municating with existing customers is well suited to offers that are time sensitive in nature. For example the owner of a pub which is running a .edy night could let his regulars know and also perhaps include some kind of offer such as first drink free to attract customers. Other businesses can use SMS marketing to fill spaces that once past can no longer be sold. For example appointments at a beauty therapist that are not taken could be offered to regular clients with say a 20% discount. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: