Japanese private enterprises will launch the first rocket low cost and low toxicity thinkpad s230u

The Japanese private enterprises will launch the first rocket: low cost and low toxicity according to Japanese media reports, Japan’s rocket development startup Interstellar Technologies will be the first launch in January 2017 to reach space rocket. Japanese media pointed out that if the test is successful, it will become the first Japanese private enterprises to develop a rocket. The company will continue to improve, and strive to launch small satellites by 2020. It is reported that, so far, the launch of the space to the Japanese domestic rocket only Japan Aerospace Research and Development Agency (JAXA) and MITSUBISHI heavy industries and other countries involved in the plan. The private enterprise by Ldh Corp (Livedoor) former president Horie Kifumi founded. Rocket 9.9 meters in length, diameter of 0.5 meters. Ethanol fuel, low cost, low toxicity. Through the combination of existing technology, the cost control in the tens of millions of yen. The rocket will be from the company is located in Hokkaido, Japan launched Taiki cho. It is expected to take about 4 minutes to reach a height of about 100 km, followed by a drop in height, and finally opened the parachute, fell into the Pacific ocean. Interstellar Technologies will be equipped with the recovery rocket observation equipment, analysis of rocket motion in space and other data for technical improvement. It is understood that in Japan, companies need to comply with the launch of the rocket, the wave law and the fire act and other laws and regulations. The launch plan has been completed with all aspects of coordination. In addition, the launch of a satellite around the earth in Japan still need to follow the "law of the universe" adopted in November 2016.相关的主题文章: