Liaoning 13 batches of substandard food inspection units were investigated (video) foldercure

Liaoning 13 batches of food sampling unqualified related units were investigated according to the relevant provisions of the "food safety law" in People’s Republic of China, Liaoning province food and Drug Administration issued food safety supervision and sampling information bulletin (fifteenth). The 199 companies announced 10 categories of food safety supervision and sampling information covering 3 provinces, a total of 372 batches, sampling projects including lead, chromium, arsenic and other heavy metals, glyphosate, Flucythrinate, hexythiazox and pesticide residue, lemon yellow, sunset yellow, saccharin sodium and other food additives, acid value, too peroxide value and water quality index and the total number of colonies, coliform bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus and other microbial indicators 92 indicators. Detection of qualified food 359 batches, the pass rate of 96.51%, the detection of substandard food in batches of 13, the failure rate of 3.49%. Violations of food safety measures announced to investigate network operators illegal platform joint liability including: 10 batches of cookies, food and beverage, tea and related products 36 batches of 6 batches, 9 batches of convenience foods were not detected substandard products; food products and nuts roasted seeds and nuts 76 batches, 69 batches of qualified, unqualified 7 batches of 34 batches of egg products;. 33 batches of qualified, unqualified 1 batches; starch and starch products 18 batches, 16 batches of qualified, unqualified 2 batches; seasoning 136 batches, 135 batches of qualified, unqualified 1 batches; bean products 16 batches, 15 batches of qualified, unqualified 1 batches of bee products; 31 batches, 30 batches of qualified, unqualified 1 batch. On the announcement of the substandard food, Liaoning food and drug administration has organized Municipal Food and drug administration department according to the "food safety law", "food safety inspection management approach" and other laws and regulations, involving substandard food production and business units were investigated according to law. > > > director of more news village to earn 1 million 600 thousand [8 years worth of counterfeit ¥ 280 L’OREAL cosmetics free delivery! Lock the youth face, then time is no longer a butcher’s knife! Reply to "muscle bottom fluid" to understand the activities and participate in, you can always go down ~ ~]相关的主题文章: