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Liaoning two "red" the suspects fled away the Caribbean was arrested yesterday, at the BeiJing Capital Airport, "hundreds of red" the suspect Fu Yaobo (in), Zhang Qingzhao (former) was escorted to justice. Xinhua News Agency issued the original title: Liaoning two "red" the suspects fled away Caribbean caught JINGWAH Times News (reporter Ma Jinfeng) yesterday, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department website informed that the central office in pursuit of unified deployment, to assist in the Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of public security in Barbados, Grenada and my embassy. Liaoning Province Office of procuratorial work, pursuit of organization and coordination of public security departments, the success will be far fled to the Caribbean island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines ("grand") of the 100 red "No. thirty-ninth, No. forty-first suspected crime suspect Fu Yaobo Zhang Qingzhao also arrested. Fu Yaobo, Interpol red warrant number A-8159 10-2014, male, 50 years old, Liaoning province Benxi City Labor and Social Security Supervision Detachment case, former chief; Zhang Qingzhao, Interpol red warrant number A-8162 10-2014, female, 44 years old, Liaoning province Benxi City Labor and Social Security Supervision Detachment original cashier. Two people suspected from 2008 to 2014, by taking advantage of common corruption 29 million 960 thousand yuan of public funds, in September 2014 the country has fled Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Grenada, and other countries sunge. On September 2014, the people’s Procuratorate of Liaoning, Benxi Province approved the arrest of Fu Yaobo and Zhang Qingzhao on suspicion of corruption. In 2015, the Central Committee launched the "Skynet" action and exposed hundreds of red crossing personnel. Liaoning pursuit evasion office listed Fu Yaobo and Zhang Qingzhao as the key pursuit objects. After the preliminary control of the two people settled in the Caribbean area, they immediately formed a working group to hunt down. In Grenada, the two police sunge support, after 51 days of hard fighting, on the outskirts of the capital Kingstown sunge mountains successfully captured the two men. Editor in chief: Sun Ailin SN146

辽宁两名“红通”嫌犯远逃加勒比被抓 昨天,在北京首都机场,“百名红通”嫌犯付耀波(后中)、张清曌(前中)被押解归案。 新华社发   原标题:辽宁两名“红通”嫌犯远逃加勒比被抓   京华时报讯(记者马金凤)昨日,中央纪委监察部网站发布通报称,在中央追逃办统一部署下,在外交部、公安部及我驻巴巴多斯、格林纳达等驻外使馆的大力协助下,辽宁省追逃办组织协调检察、公安等部门,成功将远逃至加勒比海岛国圣文森特和格林纳丁斯(简称“圣格”)的“百名红通”第39号嫌犯付耀波、第41号嫌犯张清曌同时抓获归案。   付耀波,国际刑警组织红色通缉令号码A-8159 10-2014,男,50岁,辽宁省本溪市劳动和社会保障监察支队案件审理科原科长;张清曌,国际刑警组织红色通缉令号码A-8162 10-2014,女,44岁,辽宁省本溪市劳动和社会保障监察支队原出纳员。二人涉嫌于2008年至2014年间,利用职务便利共同贪污公款2996万元,2014年9月一起潜逃出境,先后流窜泰国、马来西亚、新加坡、格林纳达、圣格等国。2014年9月辽宁省本溪市人民检察院以涉嫌贪污罪对付耀波、张清曌批准逮捕。   2015年中央开展“天网”行动,曝光“百名红通”人员后,辽宁省追逃办将付耀波、张清曌列为重点追逃对象,在初步掌握二人落脚加勒比地区后,立即组成工作组前往追捕。在格林纳达、圣格两国警方支持配合下,历经51天艰苦奋战,在圣格首都金斯敦郊区的大山里将二人成功抓获。 责任编辑:孙爱林 SN146相关的主题文章: