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UnCategorized One of the best link building strategies for websites is putting on them at least ten videos. Start off with ten. We’ll get some easy rankings for video when people search on YouTube because YouTube, people still haven’t quite figured it out yet, so it’s really easy to rank for very .petitive terms. We’ve got some useful details in our web video production services review that you can check out. But we won’t get any real back linking benefit, mainly because they use a particular tag called no follow over on YouTube. This means you don’t get the linking benefit back to your website but there is still a reason we use YouTube, because people connect with you at a much deeper level when they can actually see you on YouTube. Just drop our Ezine in and this is one link building strategies to our home page and also some of these deep pages as well so you get a little bit of both. The next step is YouTube and I’ll link back to my home page with YouTube. We did one for the dentists. Basically what we did is, we started off, worked with a client, we went in there, asked them a whole series of questions. Then we cut them up into YouTube videos and then we figured out what keywords we’re going after, then we loaded the videos. There is some nice music, it just lightens things up and then it goes into being able to hear a little bit more about what they offer down at the dentists there. I think that is really where the web is going. Another strategy we use and this is all about trying to offer some low search engine optimization cost ways is doing blog .menting. Blog .menting, everyone is familiar with what a blog is? There are blogs out there, people writing on various topics and at the bottom of a lot of blogs you have the ability to add a .ment so you can engage and interact with the person. We can go to my internet entrepreneur site. There are a few different ways we can search for blogs to find blogs like this and down the bottom we get the ability to add your name, add your email and add your web address. The web address, you can see Eric Qualman has .e over here and made a post on my website and he’s linked back to his website socialnomics… It’s linking with his name so it’s not necessarily got the keyword in there but we’re still getting benefit because we’re getting links back to our website. Some sneaky people you’d see they might write here, trading systems, that’s their name, first name: trading, second name: systems and then link back to their website. But when I see that as a blog owner, I feel like they’re just trying to do link building strategies and unless that .ment really adds value to my SEO blog, I won’t approve them. So I’d usually suggest that you use your real name in there and you can build some back links back to your site. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: