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Liu Junjing: just a calligrapher calligraphy techniques part of Liu Junjing Liu Junjing, director of Chinese Calligraphers Association, vice chairman of Beijing Calligraphers Association, vice chairman of the central state organs of the Chinese Artists Association, director of Health Institute, Dean of Buddhist Arts Institute of China, chairman of the Beijing Calligraphers Association Book Master from the East; the famous calligrapher Mr. Ouyang Zhongshi, whose work was China "the second Chinese Lanting Pavilion Federation Calligraphy Creation Award nomination, and held in the eight session of the exhibition, Chinese Calligraphers Association nine annual exhibition. The fourth is the book fair, the eighth international calligraphy exhibition, Chinese calligrapher five hundred exhibition, the fifteenth China Japan since poetry calligraphy exhibition, to commemorate the 100 anniversary of the birth of Deng Xiaoping calligraphy exhibition, "the cup" calligraphy exhibition, "Liang Piyun Cup" and so many times in the exhibition of calligraphy exhibition; and held in China Shuxie Xinghuacun Fen Cup "TV contest won the silver medal," Shanxi Cup "civil servant calligraphy contest won the bronze medal," Holy Grail "," high Huan Cup "," Xi Cup "," Wanbei Cup "competition award of excellence. At the same time, won the first prize in the "Beijing Shuanghe E.C Cup" the Ninth National TV contest, literary representative, and won the third Beijing artists "DeYiShuangXin" award, the highest award of Beijing Federation of literary works and Beijing top ten young calligrapher, Beijing tourism culture and so on. The calligraphy works with the Shenzhou eight space and is the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, the office of administration, the Great Hall of the People Management Bureau, the State Council, the Anti Japanese War Memorial Museum, Chinese text and many other organizations at home and abroad and extensive collection of. He published "China 100 calligrapher — Liu Junjing volume" "annual" "ink — Liu Junjing Liu Junjing" Liu Junjing "China artists – multi body ink" Heart Sutra "to record," Liu Junjing Liu Junjing "," people’s health "painting and calligraphy art —- Liu Junjing" and many other albums. Rashness, esse to Hengyuan Liu Junjing recently gave up a lot of entertainment, read some books, benefit. Read "great master" chronicle and manuscripts, makes me very inspired. Master Hongyi, good at calligraphy, poetry, painting, temperament, through fine stone, good performance. The early works of Calligraphy: "dignified, with strong stretch, open, after looking pale, Zhao monk, old age, more precise, clear, plain, quiet, he put the Buddhist Zen calligraphy art to the extreme, a sincere, if muddy tiancheng. The painting, he was the first Western painting idea is introduced into Chinese, created the first nude painting in the teaching, he still Chinese posters, Chinese paintings and woodcut pioneer. The performing arts, he played in the early years of China Peking Opera, went to Japan after the founder of Chunliu club, drama "La Traviata" "Uncle Tom", is one of the founder of Chinese drama movement. The music, he founded China’s first music magazine "minor music magazine", he was also the first to China the spread of western music pioneer, he created the "farewell" as the classic songs, his "spring outing" is China’s earliest choral songs. The carving, chasing the Qin and Han Dynasties, nearly all science Anhui, the ancient atmosphere thick, diluting plain, since the provision of footpath after is very brilliant, with "Li Lu" yinpu "evening empty printed poly" exist, it is.相关的主题文章: