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Movies-TV Loneliness is a painful part of life. It is worse than sickness. What does one do when the whole world seems to have isolated you and there is no one to run to, not even a friend to talk to and pour out ones heart. Where does one get refuge in the time of storm when everything seems to be going wrong? How does one ease the stress from work and the pain of betrayal and breakup? It is at this point that one thinks of doing drugs, abusing alcohol and suicide in severe cases. It is important to sit back and think of something to keep yourself busy. Reading a good inspirational book or engaging in sports is just some of the few ways of managing loneliness. Each and every person has a way of handling his or her stress levels. It is important to identify an activity that will help you ease the tension and end up cheerful at the end of the day. It is important not to go to bed with a lot of thoughts in mind. The mind and soul need to be at peace during sleep as this is the time when the body repairs damaged tissues and destroys harmful cells. The two cannot be achieved if the mind is a bit disturbed. My sister Jacky is a poet and likes drama. I always envy the way she manages her stress. She gets on her .puter and get to a steaming drama or a streaming movie then watches all day long. You will occasionally hear her laugh out loud or even scream when scared. I like the way she identifies with the films and move with it as is she is one of the characters. She always takes the place of the main character in the play. Once in a while you will find her sobbing when things are not going well in the movie. At first I used to think my sister had a personality problem and maybe not normal but I have .e to learn that she is the least stressed person in our family. She is very charming and has a clean heart. The films she watches have transformed her from one wild girl to a very humble lady. I used to wonder what her life would be like with all the wildness in her but believe me Jacky has changed a lot and everyone who knows her from the past can bear me witness. As they say, What is good for the duck is also good for the goose. I never thought movies could have a positive impact in ones life but took them as just a form of entertainment. I am slowly developing interest for drama and I find pleasure in every part of it. I am inspired and soon I am going to be a playwright and get an award for writing short stories in the film industry. Ones I get there it will be a dream .e true! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: