Lou Yulie, Professor of philosophy at Peking University to understand, identify and respect traditio ca1871

Peking University professor of philosophy Lou Yulie: to the traditional understanding, recognition and respect [Abstract] only have understanding, the traditional recognition and respect, have confidence in their own culture, can be equally compared with other culture and communication, can clearly and rationally see the shortcomings of their own culture and other cultural strengths. Renowned senior scholars at home and abroad, Peking University philosophy professor Lou Yulie issued a new "fundamental spirit" China culture at the Shanghai book fair, he served as editor of the "book" series in Beijing Publishing Group also appeared on the Shanghai book fair booth. On the morning of August 19th, building strong alone fly from Shanghai to Beijing, 82 years old this year, he came to Shanghai for two days, the two speeches and sing at the Shanghai book fair, and accepted an interview with the Beijing evening news reporter. Building strong in Peking University and students it is difficult to imagine the usual building strong why life is so busy, in addition to writing books, he also took 19 doctoral students, attending academic conferences. This is since 1960 he graduated from the Philosophy Department of Peking University in fifty-sixth years. "I often and my students together, each year the students call come together, to mingle with the students, develop their interest, my students slowly began practicing calligraphy and painting." Lou Yulie told reporters. Peking University student organizations in the most well-known active, and the traditional culture of the community, such as the Chinese society, tea cooperatives, farmer cooperatives, guqin society and so on, are set up in building strong support, until now he also served as the instructor. "I think this is a kind of responsibility and role, student organizations must have the guidance of a teacher, if you are not willing to do the teacher, how do ah, this is in the promotion of traditional culture, even a problem, I am worried." Building strong tone and smiled and said, "the proud art club at the University of great fame, every year performance report at Peking university." Lou Yulie was busy in the light, but he insisted that the art itself is to change the state of mind, is to cultivate character, not to show others. "You see now whether or Wu Yi, literary skills, have changed the nature, has alienated, become a tool to attract the eye, not people’s inner mind, emotions, feelings between more than the exchange of people." Building strong to reporters cited an example, and find the story of Yu Boya who is the most typical of the "art" of the truth, no bosom friend, do not need to play the piano. Building strong emphasis on philosophical rational thinking, not intuitive wisdom of life visual discrimination. "Humanistic meaning, is through music education to understand their own identity and responsibility, due diligence, the social harmony." When it comes to mental health problems, Mr. Lou said: "people can’t live a person muddle along without any aim, to obtain the physical and mental health, according to ancient China health, to achieve the desire, emotion, and a drive control, grasp the correct outlook on life the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, and values, know the meaning of life." The life and death to life is "things in life, enough to eat and drink enough, enough on the line, what about these?" In this regard, building strong is the kind of answer, say)相关的主题文章: