Luo Ming whether Ronaldo should take the Golden Globes Long live the champion (video)

Luo Ming: should C Ronaldo win the golden ball? Long live the champion? The 2016 European Cup final injury [] C Ronaldo Portugal will be the final round of the French dream C Ronaldo yankuangshirun holding the Delaunay Cup sports reporter Luo Mingshu + rating in October 24th, "the French soccer" magazine published a list of 30 candidates in the 2016 Golden Globe awards. Starting at 2 p.m. Beijing time, every two hours to announce the 5 people, fans and the media to support the appetite. Of course, we all know that the list of 30 people, mostly with runners, really competitive or simply C Ronaldo, Messi, Baer, Gregory Saltzman four, at most plus the European golden boot winner Suarez. And won the Champions League and European Cup champion two C Ronaldo obviously is definitely hot, in fact, he has won the UEFA European Footballer of the year in August of this year’s honor, this is also the writers’ award. At noon today, open micro-blog, received a private letter sent to friends nnii1206: "I would like to ask you about the Golden Globe Award this year, Ronaldo in the collective honor on the European Cup, UEFA Champions League two champions, but until today, his personal performance is not above the standard, the golden ball is the player’s personal awards, is on the overall level of individual players to show in the year of the award, Messi’s personal performance obviously more convincing, Ronaldo is really with high optical performance only determines the annual honor? And the trophy is a member of the winning team of praise, but also in the Intercontinental Cup for the best players to be commended, and more emphasis should be put on the annual Golden Globe Award for the most stable performance, personal technology, tactics of the most prominent individuals, not the champions are completely around. This is my personal understanding." The user must be Messi fans, his views quite representative. If this year C really get a Golden Globe Award, a similar argument will be overwhelming on the network. Red black C Ronaldo said, although this year the championship but the body is not good luck, awesome, frequently affected by injuries, including important occasions in the Champions League semi-final first leg and the European Cup final that can only be sidelined, and individual performance than in previous years. If he has an opponent, their outstanding performance, but also have a strong collective performance, it is really a challenge to C luo. However, several of C’s opponents are a little bit worse. This year Messi and hurt a lot, although the outstanding individual performance as in the past, but the team honor eclipsed: the Champions League did not enter the semi-finals, the final of the Copa individual outstanding performance, but the penalty shootout in the first. A good situation than play lost, leading to the Argentina team champion lost, this is a serious negative. Baer at Real Madrid (data) and the Welsh team has a brisk performance, but the Welsh team in the European Cup was the Portuguese team beat him from the front, the golden ball award last step. Glenn Seidman personal performance and team honors are very good to help Atletico Madrid and France broke into the Champions League and the European Cup finals, and a decisive performance, was also elected the European Cup MVP. He is the most qualified to challenge C Ronaldo, if Atletico and France have a team to win in overtime, we may have to consider the Golden Globe Carol Saltzman wrote gulliver. Precisely because of Messi,.相关的主题文章: