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Travel-and-Leisure The state of Rajasthan is the undisputed king of Western India. Rajasthan has enjoyed unprecedented attention and favour from all travellers. Travel to Rajasthan is always a pleasure no matter what time of the year, and the winters in Rajasthan are simply magical. Rajasthan Tours are among the highest rated and most satisfying.Rajasthan Tours are best when they last for more than just a few days. Although Rajasthan can be covered in less than a week, you cannot allow yourself over a few sights, which is grave injustice to this wonderland. A slow, .prehensive tour of Rajasthan will allow you an insight into some of the most extraordinary experiences of your lifetime. When you make an appointment with Rajasthan, there are a few things you must pack with you. The first is the thirst for plenty of fun. Rajasthan is a yearlong celebration of life and laughter, and you should be prepared to let your hair down. You should also pack a large stomach capable of relishing several delights that Rajasthan offers. Rajasthan cuisine has gained repute for its rich taste and generous use of spice. When in Rajasthan, make sure you allow yourself several opportunities to take in its fare, including the traditional Rajasthani thali. You should also ensure that you have sufficient space in your bags to allow for plenty of shopping. Rajasthan has plenty that you can take back with you. In the form of ceramics, handicrafts and also woodwork, there are plenty of gifts you will be packing for friends and family. Be prepared to travel extensively on your tour of Rajasthan. The state itself is fairly large, and you will need to travel all over if you want to be able to experience all there is to offer. There are several ways to get about Rajasthan. There are several enthusiastic backpackers who try and cover cities during the day and travel in trains and by buses between places at night. There are other people who look to take private vehicles when getting between towns and cities. Those looking for a shift from the normal try camel rides when they are available around the desert. Another great way to get around Rajasthan is on the Palace on Wheels, a luxury train which acquaints you with major attractions of Rajasthan while you travel through the state in grandeur. The people of Rajasthan love their land, their culture and their guests. Indian tradition has always elevated the guest to the status of God, and Rajasthan upholds this ideal entirely. Whether you are in a budget hotel, luxury resort, or even a simple dormitory, you are bound to be treated like royalty, and every wish .es true. Make sure you spend plenty of time with the locals as there is much to be learnt and plenty of love to be shared. Partake in their song and dance, and share their life and history with them. You are sure to return having made friends and taking back loving memories. If this is not reason enough to visit Rajasthan, find your own reasons to make this your favourite holiday spot. There is no dearth of reasons to love Rajasthan, you just have to find your own. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: