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Mavic UAV 4999 yuan Xinjiang products of various types are not in conflict with science and technology Sohu – Sohu Technology Wen Ding Ding Xinjiang "Royal" Mavic Pro portable UAV starting in New York, September 29th in China, South Korea, Japan and other countries officially unveiled synchronization. In the Chinese media experience will be the scene, Xinjiang media CEO Qiao Yan introduced and demonstrated the Royal Mavic Pro product characteristics. In the folded state, the Royal Mavic Pro 4 arms close to the body, the overall size of only a bottle of mineral water. Whether traveling alone Backpackers, or light outing or aerial enthusiasts, out told news reporter, "Royal" Mavic Pro can be easily placed on the package. "Royal" Mavic Pro portable UAV equipped with three axis tilt and 4K aerial camera, shooting 12 million pixel DNG lossless format photos. OcuSync image transmission technology so that it can be in the far 7 kilometers (China, area of up to 4 km) range of real-time image return. Mavic Pro to enhance the level of consumption of unmanned aerial vehicle intelligence. In the intelligent following mode, "Royal" Mavic Pro from the front, rear, parallel, surround angles follow shot specific target; "gesture self" mode to "Royal" Mavic Pro can read the user’s actions and gestures instructions. Just in front of the aircraft to make the appropriate action, it can automatically place the user in the center of the screen, the user will be issued by hand gestures, the fuselage will be the countdown countdown, the independent completion of the self timer. Due to the use of the FlightAutonomy system, Mavic UAV stability, maneuverability and security is stronger. It is understood that the FlightAutonomy from each of the front, as the visual camera, the main camera, GPS GLONASS dual-mode satellite positioning system, ultrasonic sensor module, redundancy and 24 high performance computing core components. According to the experience of Sohu site manipulation, the use of the FlightAutonomy system, Mavic UAV GPS signal even in the interior of the case, the use of manual gesture mode, Mavic flight is extremely stable and simple. In this experience meeting, Xinjiang also demonstrated a new release of the first perspective FPV glasses DJI Goggle. DJI Goggle allows the pilot or surrounding the UAV perspective to appreciate different angle scenery, experience the fun of flying. Due to the use of digital map technology, DJI Goggle can be viewed in real time 1080P or 720P high-definition screen. According to Qiao Yan introduction, Royal Mavic Pro has been in Xinjiang’s official website mall, Apple official website mall to accept reservations, began shipping in October 15th. Meanwhile, Xinjiang Shenzhen, Seoul, Hongkong flagship store is being accepted, will begin in mid October sales. Apple Store retail stores will start selling in early November. Because of P Mavic.相关的主题文章: