Men do earn million money every day until midnight-g-area meru

Men do earn million per day the amount of money at a Taixing mobile phone shop every day rentouzandong, 5 months of sales of 7 million 770 thousand, the average daily turnover of nearly 52 thousand. Many people have joined the "bonus promotion". Until recently the police here will be seized, Taizhou and Yangzhou and other places more than 500 people understand, that claimed to be about 300000 years of profit commitment, just a nightmare". The day before, suspected of organizing and leading MLM activities into a law Taixing police arrest. Hundreds of residents in the 15th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar this year, dividend payment requirements early in the morning, more than 100 people came to Taixing, a mobile phone stores gathered by onlookers, causing traffic is not smooth. The district police station immediately dispatched police to the scene to maintain order. The police listen to the residents that the owner surnamed this mobile phone shop, they become the boss, the provinces joined a health care products company, some members, some shareholders before the Spring Festival, only a handful of people get a small amount of dividends, the vast majority of people do not get the bonus. And now a mobile phone can not get through, they think they might be fooled, to the mobile phone shop for payment of principal and dividends. Police learned that the site is only a small part, how many people have been cheated, who do not know. After a morning of persuasion, the crowd gradually dispersed. The police suspect disappeared after preliminary investigation, a staff of a local enterprise in Taixing, in 2015 opened a mobile phone store in August of that year, a proposed free application, turned a provincial health care company in Yangzhou and Taizhou area agents, engaged in health care products sales in the mobile phone shop. After two months of investigation, the police basically decided that this was a pyramid selling case, from last August to January this year, there have been more than 500 people to join a health care products company to introduce members, shareholders, less pay more than 10 thousand, more pay about one hundred thousand, one family has become a member, involving up to 7 million 770 thousand multiple. A little before the Spring Festival to honor the "dividends" after the closure of mobile phone, whereabouts unknown. In May 2nd, the police officially registered and set up a task force to the suspects arrested. Participants will "lose" in the first half of August 4th, fled in a surrender to the Taixing police, the crime of confession. Last year, he met the sale of bitcoin "Zhejiang Yao, two people made a provincial health care products company, to carry out the" dividends "promotional activities, before mid September 15 thousand yuan to buy the" health "of preferential 3000 yuan, then will restore the original price, just bought a product can become a member, such as membership can pull a person to join and buy the products, receive commission, and upgraded to a maximum profit of about 300000 shareholders. Some confused people hesitate to borrow usury membership and become shareholders. All the people to pay, Chengdu only cash, in October last year, every day with the number currency-counting machine money number at. In January this year, because of the emergence of the funding gap, unable to continue payment of dividends and royalty, some fled to the field. According to the law, as long as involved in MLM, is suspected of crimes involving money and property are confiscated according to law. In other words, participate in marketing activities, no matter who will lose everything". At present, Yao has been arrested by the police. The case is still under.

男子做传销日赚万元 每天数钱至凌晨泰兴市一家手机专卖店,每天人头攒动,5个月“销售”777万,日均“营业额”近5.2万。很多人纷纷加入“分红促销”。直到前不久警察将这里查封,泰州和扬州等地的500多人才明白,那个宣称可年获利30多万的承诺,只是一场“噩梦”。日前,涉嫌组织、领导传销活动的成某被泰兴警方依法提请逮捕。百余居民要求兑付分红今年农历正月十五一大早,100多名居民来到泰兴市一家手机专卖店门口聚集,引发围观,导致交通不畅。辖区派出所立即调派警力赶赴现场维护秩序。民警听居民反映,这家手机店的老板姓成,他们经成老板介绍,加入外省一家保健品公司,有的是会员,有的是股东,春节前只有极少数人拿到少量分红,绝大部分人都没拿到分红。而成某的手机现在打不通,他们觉得自己可能上当了,才到手机店要求兑付本金和分红。民警了解到,到现场来的只是一小部分,到底还有多少人被骗,谁也不知道。经过一上午劝解,聚集的群众逐渐散去。嫌疑人“人间蒸发”警方经初步调查,成某是泰兴本地一家企业员工,2015年开了一家手机专卖店,当年8月,成某提出病休申请,变身外省一家保健品公司扬、泰地区代理商,在手机店内从事“保健品”销售。经过两个多月调查,民警基本认定这是一起传销案,从去年8月至今年1月,先后有500多人以会员、股东的方式加入成某介绍的保健品公司,少的交了1万多,多的交了十多万,一家人都成为会员,涉案金额达777万多元。成某春节前兑付了少量“分红”后关闭手机,去向不明。5月2日,警方正式立案并成立专案组,力求将犯罪嫌疑人抓获归案。参与者将“血本无归”8月4日,潜逃在外半年的成某向泰兴警方自首,供述了作案过程。去年,他结识了贩卖“比特币”的浙江人姚某,二人虚构了外省某保健品公司,开展“分红”促销活动,9月中旬前买1.5万元的“保健品”优惠3000元,此后将恢复原价,只要买了产品即可成为会员,会员如能拉一人加入并购买产品,可获提成,并升级为股东,一年最高获利30多万。一些被迷惑的人不惜借高利贷加入会员或成为股东。所有人交钱、提成都只用现金,去年10月后,每天用点钞机数钱也得数到凌晨。今年1月,因为出现资金缺口,无法继续兑付分红和提成,成某潜逃至外地躲藏。根据法律规定,只要参与了传销,就涉嫌违法犯罪,所涉款物也依法没收。换句话说,参与传销活动,不管是谁,都将“血本无归”。目前,姚某已被警方抓获。此案仍在进一步审理中。相关的主题文章: