Meranti caused one death in Xiamen hydropower recovery borderland

"Meranti" caused one death in Xiamen hydropower recovery in the original title: "Meranti" Xiamen caused one death in the restoration of hydropower new network in Xiamen on 15 September, (reporter Chen Yue Yang Fushan) the evening of 15 Xiamen municipal government held a press conference revealed that this year the whole ball called the strongest typhoon No. fourteenth typhoon "Meranti" caused by the Xiamen death tolls 1 people, the direct economic loss is still statistics. At present, Xiamen hydropower infrastructure restoration is still in progress. As the largest since 1949 Fujian landing typhoon "Meranti" positive landing in Xiamen and the center of strong, fast moving speed, the impact of wind and rain, wind, rain, moisture in. According to statistics, the wind on the island of Xiamen Wuyuan Bay Bridge reaching more than 17, a record high since meteorological records, Xiamen more than 100 mm of rainfall site more than 51. In "Meranti" under the influence of Xiamen, there are 350 thousand trees lodging, crops affected area of 300 acres, 113 houses collapsed and damaged, personnel transfer of 46327 people. And Xiamen Island blackout, all of the city’s water was due to outside unstable power supply are not normal supply. In addition, Xiamen has canceled flights 187 sorties, train a total of 149 times outage, Xiamen jinmenroute still suspended. The conference also revealed that Xiamen has set up a leading group of mayor Pei Jinjia, head of the recovery and reconstruction work. At present, Xiamen is actively accelerating the restoration of infrastructure, especially in Fujian, Xiamen power supply company from the province to mobilize the power of 70%, invested thousands of people fighting in the repair line. But because the trees lodging, traffic congestion, and the high voltage low voltage than more complex, more difficult to repair. In the water, is expected to 20 night on the island of Xiamen can restore the water supply, and water supply as soon as possible for the restoration of the island region. The street trees in Xiamen suffered heavy losses, the Xiamen municipal authorities said, to cannot save trees, should pay close attention to transportation; can save trees, to seize the golden period of two days of Fuzheng cultivate. At the same time, to seize the same allocation for replanting trees, along the street. On the lawn, nursery and other timely repair and repair, in the shortest possible time to restore the city’s green. Xiamen municipal government and said, will do a good job of garbage and health and epidemic prevention work; for the typhoon victims, to implement the settlement sites, the timely release of drinking water, bread, quilts and other items, to ensure that the affected people have food to eat, clothes to wear, clean water, temporary safe shelter, sick timely medical treatment. (end) editor: Qu Kun SN117相关的主题文章: