Micro-blog called 21 entertainment v open forum boycott vulgar candle june

Micro-blog called 21 entertainment V open forum: resist vulgar forum site Sina entertainment news on September 26th, Sina entertainment and micro-blog community management center called 21 micro-blog entertainment V, held in Beijing "entertainment media boycott vulgar forum". At the meeting, Yin Xuegeng, deputy director of the micro-blog community management center to the big V announced a boycott of the vulgar content of the network requirements, called on the big V who boycott vulgar, maintain community order. At the beginning of September, the central network information office has organized a "curb network vulgar speculation phenomenon" seminar, the meeting pointed out that network vulgar speculation seriously undermined the order of Internet communication network to touch the bottom line of civilization, if unchecked, will seriously pollute the network space, on the Internet, especially young netizens of the outlook on life and values on the world, have a negative impact. Since the media age, when, or even fabricated curry favour by claptrap libelous speech, this chaos is particularly serious in the entertainment field. For example, some relations between the sexes, self entertainment media in the star peer competition, privacy often make a fuss, false negative or insulting. Fan Bingbing [micro-blog], Deng Chao [micro-blog], Wallace Huo, Li Yifeng, Gao Xiaosong [micro-blog] [micro-blog] and other artists have chosen from the legal means to defend their interests, will the Circle @ @ @ Laogui entertainment secret circle II @ @ Shahe public function, Liu Zichen and other big boy @ V to court. Micro-blog as opinion leaders and network large sounding platform, it is necessary to build a healthy network environment with the big V. Micro-blog community management center and Sina entertainment division to respond positively to the net in the letter do call, invite 21 C1 level large entertainment at the end of September, to "resist the vulgar, in order to maintain the community" to discuss. Deputy director of the micro-blog community management center Xuegeng Yin pointed out at the meeting, micro-blog as the platform side will earnestly implement the main responsibility of the enterprise, take the initiative to clean up vulgar literary speculation, star gossip information privacy, found problems in a timely manner to deal with, not to the vulgar network platform for jump red grape. Then to the entertainment media announced a boycott of the well-known account network vulgar content: consciously resist the vulgar, vulgar, vulgar content, not to pornography, vulgar gimmicks speculation, speculation may not be the star of privacy. Micro-blog hopes and entertainment from the media to build a healthy network environment, the formation of online vulgar speculation everyone shouting atmosphere of public opinion. As a media platform, micro-blog will take effective measures to resolutely stop the network spread momentum, vulgar vulgar online dissemination of information strictly Bazhu mark. Micro-blog also made no rumors, do not copy the requirements of large entertainment, and clearly pointed out, will take even gag title to discredit star V. In addition to play regulatory role, micro-blog will also use official promotion, industry cooperation and other models to support entertainment from the media, to guide the development of large entertainment V legitimate, healthy development of the direction. (Chen Xuanwen) (commissioning editor: Bai Ling)相关的主题文章: