Mourinho most people who want to buy the club this summer 6 million to grab him

Mourinho most people who want to buy 60 million exposure Chelsea this summer to grab him reported screenshot sina sports news according to Spanish media reports, micro-blog, micro-blog [Chelsea] coach hope to buy the Atletico Madrid midfielder Kirk in the summer, this is the madman has always been the most wanted target. Mourinho is eager to get Kirk to strengthen Chelsea’s midfield, according to the Aspen newspaper. Last weekend, the blues technical director Em Na Lo visited the scene, watching Atletico and Malaga [micro-blog] game, the purpose is to investigate Kirk. Last season, Kirk’s performance has attracted the attention of all European giants, Ma Jing in order to retain him, and his extension to 2019, the annual salary of 6 million euros. This season, Manchester [] [micro-blog micro-blog] to him very tight stare, Beguiristain traveled to Turin to watch Ma Jinghe Juventus [micro-blog] game, but also in Kirk. And Mourinho’s desire for Kirk is no longer a secret, and for such a tough and comprehensive type, the madman has always preferred. "Aspen" said, Kirk is very happy at Atletico, but they may directly trigger his release clause, to pay 6000 million euro contract breach, to open negotiations. "Aspen" also disclosed that the prudent Chelsea, plans to take Brazil left back Felipe – Lewis as a chip, to offset part of the transfer fee. The blues bought Felipe from Atletico last summer, and after that, Simonyi has not been able to find a steady left back, and Chelsea believes the chips may be attractive to atletico. But "Aspen" analysis, Simonyi does not want Felipe back, on the one hand the next season will be over 30 years old, and he left last year, and Atletico had some unpleasant. (Li Puli)

穆帅最想买的人曝光 切尔西今夏6千万抢他 相关报道截屏   新浪体育讯 据西班牙媒体报道,切尔西[微博][微博]主帅希望在夏天买下马德里竞技中场科克,这也是狂人一直以来最想得到的目标。   《阿斯报》披露,穆里尼奥渴望得到科克,用来加强切尔西的中场。上周末,蓝军的技术总监埃姆纳洛亲临现场,观看马竞和马拉加[微博]的比赛,目的就是考察科克。   上赛季科克的表现就已经吸引了欧洲各豪门的注意,马竞为了挽留他,和他续约到2019年,年薪在600万欧元上下。本赛季,曼城[微博][微博]对他盯得很紧,贝吉里斯坦前往都灵观看了马竞和尤文图斯[微博]的比赛,也是在看科克。而穆里尼奥想要科克早已不是秘密,对这类硬朗而全面的类型,狂人一向有偏好。   《阿斯报》称,科克目前在马竞很开心,但切尔西可能会直接触发他的离队条款,支付6000万欧元的合同违约金,谋求开启转会谈判。   《阿斯报》还披露,精打细算的切尔西,计划拿巴西左后卫菲利佩-路易斯作为筹码,折抵部分转会费。蓝军去年夏天将菲利佩从马竞买走,在那之后,西蒙尼一直没找到一个稳定的左后卫主力,切尔西认为这一筹码可能会对马竞有吸引力。不过《阿斯报》分析,西蒙尼不一定想让菲利佩回来,一方面巴西人下赛季将满30岁,另外他去年离队时,和马竞有过一些不快。   (李普利)相关的主题文章: