Multinational air force condolences to praise Yu Xu called it a model of modern Chinese women – Sohu govos

The Allied air force mourning Yu Xu called Chinese praise the modern female role models – Sohu China Air Force Military Channel network in Beijing in November 16, the first female pilots: Chinese f -10 Yu Xu killed in flight training in the news, caused by overseas Chinese and international friends and foreign air force counterparts sad regret. In various ways, they mourned the memory of the beloved flight, the pursuit of excellence of the female pilots, expressed condolences to her family and comrades. Even Japan, New Zealand, Italy, Pakistan, Britain and other countries to the air force air force China call the foreign affairs department, to extend my sincere condolences to the Chinese women pilot Yu Xu. They said, as Chinese air force a good pilot, Yu Xu brought a wonderful exquisite "blue sky dance" for tens of thousands of aviation enthusiasts, expressed regret for the China air force lost such an outstanding female pilots, hopes her family and body weight. Earlier this month the air force flight and 81 in the eleventh session of the China airshow performing team dance in the British Royal Air Force Blue Red Arrows Aerobatic Team, condolences to Yu Xu through social media. The Red Arrows Aerobatic Team commander lieutenant colonel Martin said China air force and the Red Arrows Aerobatic Team although the party, but also the pursuit of excellence, to inspire the next generation. Captain Yu Xu is a model of these values, it is worth learning from the future, our spirit and his family and colleagues. The German media issued more than regret Asahi killed, called Chinese modern female example. The Thailand air force to the air force to China, killed China Air Force fighter -10 first female fighter pilots Yu Xu regret. In November 2015, with the air force Yu Xu, attended the Sino Thai Air Force Eagle -2015 joint training flight performance by the closing ceremony, the Thailand air force counterparts and Thailand people’s praise. Chinese air force spokesman Colonel Shen Jinke said that the flight is a brave cause, is glorious cause. Yu Xu loved flying, Buweijianxian, dare to struggle, the pursuit of excellence, is the outstanding representative of China women pilot groups, not only by the community and the general public to respect, also the subject of international friends and foreign counterparts praise. China air force, winning Aerospace committed to a strong army never wavered, cherish all sectors of society and international friends to support, loyal to the mission of responsibility to safeguard national security, safeguard world peace, do strong winning space.相关的主题文章: