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Travel-and-Leisure Located along the west coast of Sri Lanka, the seaside town of Negombo is fast becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island. Known for its pristine beaches and thrilling water sports, this idyllic coastal haven is also an ideal base from which to explore one of the country’s best wetland areas, the Muthurajawela Marsh. Located near the Negombo Lagoon, this well known marshland provides nature lovers with a perfect escape amidst stunning natural scenery. According to certain local legends the area is supposed to be where ancient treasure is buried and hence the name ‘Muthurajawela’ which translates to "Swamp of Royal Treasure". Declared as a Wetland Sanctuary, the Muthurajawela Marsh is rich in biodiversity and is home to several endemic flora and fauna. The biggest peat bog in the country, this site is also well known amongst bird watching enthusiasts since there are a number of native and migratory birds that can be seen here. One of the best ways to explore the marsh and the nearby lagoon is by taking a boat trip which will give you a chance to view the fascinating natural landscapes. You will come across a variety of plant species when exploring the site which features short grasslands, mangrove swamps and reed swamps. This thriving integrated coastal ecosystem is where one will find a range of amphibians, mammals, reptiles and fish species including nationally threatened species. On your adventures through the marsh you may come across such wildlife as the estuarine crocodile which is a protected species. Bird watchers exploring the Muthurajawela Marsh and Negombo Lagoon have much to look forward to when it comes to spotting avifauna. While on your journey keep your eyes opened for sightings of such species as egrets, kingfishers, moorhens, cormorants, purple herons, black bitterns, lesser whistling teals and Indian pond herons. Travellers in search of Sri Lanka beach hotels in the region from which to visit the marsh and lagoon as well as to experience the island’s stunning coastal beauty can stay at Jetwing Beach. Located right along a picturesque stretch of beach, it is one of the best Negombo hotels , and also features a spa where one can find true peace for mind, body and spirit after a long day of sightseeing adventures at the marsh. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: