National foot training level alert with 100 police plus 70 security (video) 97179

Chinese football training level of alert! With 100 police officers and 70 22 people gathered in Wuhan an Baoguo foot fatigue training Gao Hongbo Zhang Yuning return reporter Wang Xiaorui Wuhan reported Tazihu training base in Wuhan, the national team around the training ground, was surrounded by a thick cloth tightly. Looks like an indoor football field. 28 afternoon, the local sudden sporadic light rain, followed by the wind, and the layer of thick cloth mercilessly torn. But soon, the local staff and another cloth made of thick cloth, and with a ladder and a hammer, from the outside layer of re paved. The national team continues the "isolation" model. National foot training is also a good sealing effect of more than a few layers of thick cloth so simple. In the vicinity of the training ground, Wuhan local is a level of alert standards, strict guarantee of the full closure of the national team training. Although the national team in Wuhan for a week, and no game. But in order to get close to 2 hours of training sessions every day, it is learned that the local dispatched a total of 100 police, the security of the 70, to take a full range of maintenance. Not only around the pull cordon, also on the surrounding buildings "suspicious characters" and prevent the dead. On the first day of training, there are about a dozen fans came to investigate, I hope luck, and wait until 27 days later, it is difficult to see their shadow, "remarkable closed" effect. However, the players were feeling pretty good, they will try to adjust the training of life. This time the national team to stay in the hotel, not in the local downtown, and the first floor lobby area is not open. This, to a certain extent, to create a relatively quiet atmosphere. Some international will be in the first floor of the hotel after dinner, came to a coffee bar, properly adjust the pace of life. There are international will go shopping, buy some daily necessities, but most of them are out of contact with anyone, rare East Asian Cup last year many people together during the dinner scene. Although the training life will be slightly dull, but in contrast to relaxed and pleasant to players in the battle for Syria, did not carry too much pressure, even if the outside world for the attitude is "must win". "I think, by the outside world look forward to the formation of the so-called pressure, or a power. Our faith is strong, our goals will not change, we will go all out to win." Captain Feng Xiaoting said. As for the mentality of the war in Syria, he also from another level, interpretation of the need not to be nervous. "After all, we have not played 12 years in the top 15 (top ten), but also the last round of the top 40 teams. For the Chinese team, the strength of each group stage opponents are very strong. Perhaps they have a FIFA ranking, but the overall strength is not very weak. As the Syria team, also can draw the South Korean team in the last round. The Chinese team in front of them, is the identity of a challenger, we have to do is to concentrate on hard training, and then meet their arrival."相关的主题文章: