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Guoyuan Futures: market demand picks up PP ideas too many clients view the latest market fundamentals, a summary of 1 crude oil, overview Figure 1: international crude oil spot price chart source: wind Chinese yuan futures in August the international crude oil market in the long and short factors fell after the first rise. Specifically, at the beginning of the month in excess supply background, oil prices are short covering and freeze production boost rumors, the international crude oil futures price shocks; after a positive attitude of Russia and OPEC members on the oil market stability, the oil market bearish sentiment can be reversed, a strong rebound in oil prices; near the end of the excess supply is heating up again and a stronger dollar, crude oil shocks. The current global economic data improved slightly, although the U.S. August payrolls data poor performance, which lead to the market the Fed may raise rates later this month is expected to weaken, but the market still may raise interest rates. Frozen production talks is an important event in the next crude oil market, but the oil producing countries are actively increasing production, the difficulty is still difficult to reach agreement to freeze production. Overall, in September 2016 the international crude oil prices kept down space, but limited. 2, propylene monomer of recent spot supply is low, offer remain high. At present, the overhaul of the cracking device is more, the buyer and the seller are deadlocked. Due to the expected National Day holiday in October or will lead to a decline in demand for cash, the floor of the sale of the intention of the recent no significant changes in the short term is expected to discuss the enthusiasm or promotion. Figure 2: Asian propylene market chart source: Longzhong net Guoyuan futures 3, polypropylene plant operating rates and inventory plans in August for the domestic part of plant centralized maintenance, the operating rate of decline, the overall supply reduction, operating rate fell by 94% last month to 90%. Production of about 1 million 380 thousand tons, a slight decline compared with July. Figure 3: domestic PP production enterprises operating rate chart (million tons,%) source: gold and silver island yuan futures at the beginning of the month, inconsistent with the downstream high priced purchase, as well as G20 Hangzhou speculation and held Limited cargo transportation and circulation area, increase the petrochemical and middlemen inventory. According to statistics, the domestic petrochemical stocks in the near future increased by about 5.9% last week, the main petrochemical and intermediate inventories increased by more than last week, 19%. But with the G20 summit ended, and the short-term price callback, the market rumors that some businesses deliberately hunters, or improve the short-term stock market. Figure 4:PP social stock chart (unit: ton) source: long net Guoyuan futures 4, downstream demand analysis of the downstream market: recent domestic polypropylene downstream industry overall operating rate of around 56%, the plastic industry in 58%. Because the price of raw materials is woven factory cost pressures were lower, and the East China G20 summit, part of the factory parking wait. With the successful conclusion of the G20 summit, downstream market procurement slightly improved compared with the previous. (5) import and export data in 2005 -2016 production showed a steady upward trend, the fastest growing period of time in the PP of 20.相关的主题文章: