Net goddess Janine Chang airborne Chengdu to promote Clinique difference maker action-candle june

The net through the goddess Janine Chang airborne Chengdu Clinique promotion Difference Maker action (Note: This article belongs to publish business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only) in August 26th, known as the small fresh queen Janine Chang airborne Chengdu Wangfujing Clinique counters, Clinique 2016#Difference Maker# power CLINIQUE action to encourage all women to do the best their own, with a bit of action, to make positive changes to the world. Janine Chang will join be endowed with both beauty and talent "The Legend of Zhen Huan" companion "- such as Yi biography" intense shooting, the fans to visit Chengdu and zero contact, also hope to call on all people to a healthy lifestyle to friends. Since the debut for the appearance of fine, unique temperament is the majority of the audience, but outside of work still insist on exercise and a healthy lifestyle she is captured many fans. In the afternoon, Janine Chang in the hope of all the fans and the media to visit Clinique counters. Janine Chang came to the scene cordial interaction with the fans, and love the Clinique brand C powder to share their daily skin care concept, and to promote a healthy lifestyle. In the chat and tight work schedule how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, said Janine Chang would not be busy life some slack for skin care, keep healthy muscle is one of action to achieve a healthy attitude to life, this life idea and Clinique skin care philosophy coincide, is also an important reason for Janine Chang to support Clinique #Difference Maker# global activities the. The serious environmental pollution, haze invasion, residual makeup face, more vulnerable to the accumulation of old waste and accelerate the skin of dead skin. Want to say goodbye to the old waste skin, skin needs to change the future #DifferenceMaker# – Clinique net through the water, daily with the cotton piece wipe away dull, rough, shiny, floating powder, mild cleaning cortex, wake up the net through the healthy muscle. Clinique net through the cumulative sales of more water to break 4 million bottles of success, Janine Chang champagne, open the lighting ceremony, and the presence of fans to share this moment of joy. After the event, Janine Chang took a photo at the Clinique counter, while the beauty consultant for detailed introduction of Clinique products, in-depth understanding of Clinique brand advocate healthy living, healthy skin concept.相关的主题文章: