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Arts-and-Entertainment India is a country with unity in diversity; it is the main characteristic feature. If observed closely, the country has this feature present in each natural .ponent. For instance, it has a vast geographical landmass which has been divided into 28 states. The people inhabiting in these states have their own unique styles of living, customs, traditions, language and cultures. Apparently, the geographical differences have also led to the creation of variation in climate which further resulted into the various differences of natural vegetations .prising of different flora and fauna. The difference in geography has turned into a pleasure in disguise as because of it India has got a huge potential to attract tourists. Regional wise if tourists want to travel the entire country they can; India is a country that has beautiful wonders inhibited at its every length and breadth. Exploring the North India Tours tourists will be amazed to find the paradise lying hidden in the northern part of the country. The great Himalayas ranges in the north are playing dual roles both helping out the country. The major attractions in the north are snow capped mountains, beautiful hills stations and various other scenic beauties. Major destinations include Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Punjab and Delhi. Depending upon the preferences made by tourists they can choose any of the tour packages. The splendid journey with the north India Tours avail various tour packages like pilgrimage tour package, adventurous tour package, cultural tour package, family holidays packages, wildlife tour package and various fairs and festivals tour packages. Tourists who are religious by nature can have various packages of pilgrimage to Kedernath, Amarnath and many northern holy places. Various adventure enthusiasts can be happy with many tour packages to snow capped mountains, rivers and various hills. They can enjoy their holidays with various adventurous sporting activities like hiking, paragliding, cycling, ballooning and river rafting etc. Families, newly wed honeymooners, can find Shimla, Manali and Kullu as the important vacation spots to enjoy themselves under the pleasant natural ambience. These packages are the new ways of escaping from daily working boredom and getaway from scorching hot sun during summer that take tourists to many must see destinations of the north India. . The north India tour is always lacking special for those who are not taking the golden opportunity of visiting to the famous Taj Mahal in Agra. It is a marvel of Mughal and jewel of Muslims which showcases the rich cultural histories of the past Mughal rulers. Delhi and Agra are the two cities which are the main cultural heap of the country. Delhi is the open museum of India with rich past where hundreds of monuments, tombs, forts and many historical pieces are found signifying the cultures of those rulers who had strong reign once in the capital. North India tour packages can also avail tourists many exciting wildlife creatures with the tours to many wildlife sanctuaries like the Corbett national park and Valley of flowers in Uttaranchal. With the .ing of various hotels and resorts the north India packages have included a new feature in their packages which is none other than the culinary flavor. Tourists visiting for the tours can have a great time over there. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: