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Pets Paris Hilton is most renown for her indiscretions, reality shows and hotel heiress status, but shes just as well known for her collection of animal .panions. In fact, the hotel heiress supposedly has a whopping seventeen pets, much more than most people have. Although a bunch of these pets live at home and are hidden away, some others are a bit more famous. In fact, Hilton has memorably been snapped by anxious paparazzi holding them. Many of them are so renown that the photographers who trail Hilton around know what she calls them by heart. Arguably, the greatest instance of this Paris Hilton high profile pet phenomenon is Tinkerbell, just one of seven dogs that Hilton owns. She is a small chihuahua, meaning that the dog will not grow to the average girth of a Chihuahua, which is already teenie breed. Instead, a teacup variety will stay pretty tiny as long as it lives, making them a portable ornament for a traveler like Paris Hilton. The pet has been photographed in designer carriers ready to go off by plane and car with her caring owner. There was controversy however when photographers noted that pictures taken of Tinkerbell and Hilton showed more than one animal. Apparently missing for a week, Tinkerbell was found and back with her owner with Paris. Some speculate that she was a different dog. Hilton then began to show up with a second dog dubbed Bambi, who also then became famous for her owner. All pf those dogs live together in a mini mansion at Hiltons home. The massive doghouse is a miniature of Paris’ own home, .plete with heating and air conditioning. Not content with only pooches, Hilton also owns cats. One of them is Princess Annabelle. She was taken from a shelter by Hilton, who talks about about animal rescue, even outside the States in Bali where she famously bought a hungry stray dog a filet mignon to eat. But one of her newer pet additions immediately became famous due to a major article about the pet on People Magazine’s website. Apparently, small pet pigs are very popular right now, and Hilton couldnt help but get swept up by the trend. She bought one from a pig farmer for a whopping $4,500. Slightly bigger pet pigs can be bought for 25% less, but Hilton decided on the more miniature of the animal, consistent with her fandom of small pets. The piglet, named appropriately Miss Piglet is living what is likely a posh lifestyle with Paris Hilton in Los Angeles. In addition, Paris also claims she owns jack rabbits and a pony. No one has a clue whether the small horse is in a barn or with her owner, but no matter which, he is likely to be well-taken care of just as her more famed .panions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: