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People’s daily behavior step "ghost car": the market don’t lose faith yuho announced with drops of marriage, has been about the car market "domestic network boss", price trend is obvious in September 30th people’s daily news, recently, "China discovered many yuho" ghost train "of the news media is maxed passengers: use the excellent step about the car software, these vehicles quickly grab a single, automatic opening stroke does not contact the passengers, less than a minute before the end of the trip, then direct debit. Perhaps in order to escape punishment, someone’s vehicle driver deliberately put the head features black, at first glance like ghosts. The vehicle driver strange, scary, so the media called "ghost car". The author also had a similar experience: excellent step after the arrival of the vehicle, the driver claimed to be unable to see the destination on the phone, requiring passengers to add operations. According to what he said just entered a word, received a passenger has canceled travel tips. This single step did not move, but confidently draw away 20 yuan fee schedule. Obviously, I also in the ghostly black technology was poison. Although pofeizhouzhe finally get a refund, but this time, the cost of traffic during waste, and anger chagrin, reasoning to whom?! For ghost car problem, the relevant person in charge of the best step to the media, said the case is caused by a single brush driver behavior, passengers encounter similar problems, according to the prompts on the platform to complete the refund operation". Although the answer quite satisfactory, but passengers may not buy it: this thing, light the refund is finished? Ken under the original capital market, why not lean anti blocking black technology? Why do not you have a sincere apology for the loss of the passengers? This "money trouble, the crap" attitude is not impersonal? Aside from the ghost car such a special case, there are a lot of passengers on the merits of other services step Tucao: for example, there is no artificial customer service phone and voice mail, mobile phone APP only fixed options for feedback. Feel passengers: they are too lazy to listen to any sound format views outside, the consumers are as cold, only the economic property without the object of emotional experience, not willing to buy and sell outside the relationship, more communication. Again, and asked the passengers to use the Alipay payment step, must be bound "security withholding function has not yet confirmed the surviving passengers and the driver, the amount of the dispute cases, it can also direct debit. This is not King terms? In addition, many passengers complain, excellent step does not provide any consumer electronic credentials, in the event of a dispute, the lack of strong evidence in the hands of consumers. Yuho disregard consumers these calls is really not to hear, or pretend not to hear? Admittedly, the network about cars is the use of "Internet plus" optimization of transportation resources, to meet the needs of innovation and wonderful trip. It can eventually break through the institutional mechanisms to prevent legalization, and quickly on the scale, but also because it has been the general public’s heartfelt love and strong support. However, the "labor is modest, with numerous; arrogance supercilious, to the many", "the cornerstone of Internet plus" service providers to settle down for thousands of "grassroots", once the business platform feel wings, can not go to the consumer, but humble posture相关的主题文章: