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Landscaping-Gardening One of the most .mon searches on my site is for pictures of landscaping. So I know that a lot of folks rely on photos of other peoples designs to get ideas. But at the same time, while I do have a large picture directory of other peoples projects on my site, the most .mon questions I receive are still related to specific shapes and design ideas. It would seem that with as many pictures of landscaping there are to look at online, just about everyone could find a close match to their own property that could be copied. It would seem so…..if every yard was square or rectangular. However, the fact is that most yards arent square or rectangular. So even with the endless landscaping ideas and examples out there, its still highly unlikely that youll find an exact match to the shape of your property. Even as a professional, I still use pictures of other peoples landscaping as an educational tool and to get new ideas. However, I find it almost pointless to search for an exact idea to copy. I look for unique, creative, and new ideas and pieces of the puzzle. Now heres a piece of advice and the point to this entire article. When looking at pictures of landscaping, pay attention to the details, ideas, and principles that are universal to most designs. Look for the things that are .mon and repeated often by different designers. These are the elements that look good because they are generally based on basic principles of art. These are the things that will probably incorporate well into your own design project regardless of shape. Look at the way shapes are repeated, plants are placed, and colors are used. Take notice of little details like plants and rocks being grouped in odd numbers. Pay attention to the details of landscaping and not just the shape. Youll discover more about the mechanics of landscape design and eventually it will materialize into your own ideas. Other peoples landscaping pictures are a great design tool to help you get your project done. However, instead of hopelessly searching for your exact layout, borrow several ideas from several different designs. Youll save yourself a lot of frustration and have a much better chance of creating something unique to your own property. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: