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A police raid on Houston massage shop   Chinese female owner was arrested in Hubei involving prostitution money laundering channel — people.com.cn original title: police raid Houston massage parlor owner involving Chinese female prostitution was arrested in Houston new money laundering agency in October 22, the Houston police raided the northern district this week massage shop a vice establishment, the Chinese female owner in charge of trading and money laundering and other illegal prostitution was arrested, authorities from the store found 3 suspected victims of prostitution of young women, and $24 thousand in cash and a lot of designer handbags. According to the Harris County District Attorney’s office and the "Houston Chronicle" news, Wen Ying was 43 years old (Ying, Wen) operating a massage parlor in northern Houston (HanaTopSpa). "Since I became a prosecutor, there are a lot of residents to report prostitution, prostitution and other illegal activities in the vicinity of pakistan." Harris County District Attorney Devin Anderson (Devon Anderson) said that the law enforcement departments began this week a heavy blow to flourish in this busy road of illegal pornography in the raid the massage shop owners and operators Wen Ying. Authorities believe that the store provide prostitution services to willing customers, the store is also confiscated $24 thousand in cash and a lot of designer handbags. Due to illegal income can not be normal in the bank, so the owner of a large amount of cash on the store or to buy brand-name goods and sold in the form of assets retained. These illegal business businesses, has repeatedly become the goal of gangs. Wen Ying’s massage parlors were robbed in August, and employees were sexually assaulted. The Harris County Sheriff’s office officer Tim Nawal (Tim Navarre) pointed out that a similar incident in other porn massage parlors have also occurred, resulting in the social security situation is getting worse, which is one reason the authorities resolutely crack down on prostitution. This action, in this massage shop found 3 young women, suspected that they were victims of human trafficking and sex trade, police have transferred their relevant institutions, the specific case is still under investigation. "Obviously, until we prosecute and convict the owners, these porn sites are still coming out." Anderson said, "it’s like cockroaches. We kill one, and then 10 jumps out.". But we’re not going to stop working. Everyone should have a safe place to live." If convicted, Wen Ying will face up to 20 years in prison and a fine of 10 thousand dollars. ((end): Zhou Tian, commissioning editor of Cardiology) 警方突袭休斯敦按摩店 华裔女店主涉卖淫洗钱被拘捕–湖北频道–人民网 原标题:警方突袭休斯敦按摩店 华裔女店主涉卖淫洗钱被拘捕   中新社休斯敦10月22日电 美国休斯敦警方本周突袭市区北部按摩店等色情场所,一名华裔女店主因从事非法卖淫交易和洗钱等罪名被逮捕,当局从该店中发现3名怀疑是色情交易受害者的年轻女子,以及2.4万美元现金和大量名牌手包。   据哈里斯县地区检察官办公室和《休斯敦纪事报》消息,43岁的被告闻莹(Ying Wen音译)在休斯敦北部经营一家按摩店(HanaTopSpa)。“自从我当上检察官,就有很多居民举报在巴麦尔地区附近有卖淫嫖娼等违法行为。”哈里斯县地区检察官德文安德森(Devon Anderson)表示,执法部门本周开始沉重打击在这一繁忙干道上蓬勃发展的非法色情业,在突袭时将这家按摩店业主和经营者闻莹拘捕。   当局认为,该店向有意愿的顾客提供卖淫服务,还在店中收缴2.4万美元现金和大量名牌手包。   由于违法收入无法正常存入银行,因此店主将大量现金放在店内或是以购买名牌商品再出售的形式保留资产。这些经营违法生意的商家,也屡屡成为黑帮的目标。闻莹的按摩店今年8月就曾遭打劫,员工被性侵。   哈里斯县警长办公室警官蒂姆纳瓦尔(Tim Navarre)指出,类似事件在周边其他色情按摩店也时有发生,导致社会治安状况越来越差,这也是当局坚决打击卖淫嫖娼的原因之一。   此次行动中,还在这家按摩店发现3名年轻女性,怀疑她们是人口走私和性交易的受害者,警方已将她们移交相关机构,具体案情仍在调查中。   “很明显的是,直到我们对业主起诉和定罪之前,这些色情场所还会不断冒出来。”安德森说,“这就像蟑螂,我们消灭一只,然后有10只跳出来。但我们不会停止努力,每个人都应有安全的地方居住。”   如果罪名成立,闻莹将面临最高20年监禁和1万美元罚款。(完) (责编:关喜艳、周恬)相关的主题文章: