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Is holding on the Hong Kong version of "speed" 3 hours although Hong Kong stocks plunged 90% in the upcoming opening of the stock is not a business of Shenzhen and Hong Kong through Hong Kong stocks investment targets, but follow the Hong Kong stock market trading system no price limit. In this sense, today (September 7th) cliff a Hong Kong stocks GEM stocks fell to mainland investors struck a wake-up call. Each reporter noted that today’s 9:30 opened, Zheng Li Holdings (08318, HK) is falling, the opening trading for 3 hours on the occasion of the 13:30, shares have fallen 90%, eventually positive profit holdings closed at HK $0.455, or 90.66% all day long. The first day of listing shares soared nearly 700% suffered cliff fall is Lee holdings in March 29th this year was listed in the Hong Kong stock market gem, listed in Hong Kong stock market is the unique way of placing the. The method of placing a listing is the manner in which the securities are sold primarily to the selected or approved by the issuer or intermediary. Every investment treasure (micro signal: mjtzb2) reporter noted that when the profit is listed with the controlling price of HK $0.283 per share, while the positive holding listed on the first day closing price of HK $2.26 per share, compared with the price rose by 698%. And then the positive holding shares rose all the way, in July 13th rose to HK $5.98. Although listed in the Hong Kong stock market, the positive interest holding business is actually very traditional, the company is a local construction contractor in Hongkong, through the placement of HK $39 million to obtain funds for the main business needs. As of March 31, 2016, the year before the positive holding income of HK $475 million, an increase of 26% over the same period the company’s net profit of HK $21 million 120 thousand, an increase of 14.28%. Highly concentrated ownership of the Hong Kong stock market without price limits on stocks, and the implementation of T+0 trading system, so the turnover and turnover rate are more likely to enlarge. September 7th is holding a turnover rate of 59.17%, turnover reached HK $256 million, far higher than the previous turnover. Every investment treasure reporter noted that the proportion of the public shareholding is holding interest is not high, it was announced in August 10th that the company’s public shareholding ratio just in line with the provisions of the hkex. Previously, the major shareholder of the company Mighty Edge Limited holdings is holding 10.72% of the shares, while Mighty Edge Limited sold 6.76% shares in August 5th, only 3.96% of its own holdings, is holding public shareholding ratio rose from 19.28% to 30%, to meet the provisions of public ownership should be above 25%. However, the right to control the largest shareholder JT Glory Limited still holds 70% of the shares of the company.相关的主题文章: