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Qiannan: long-term visitors continue to return   scenic tourists tend to smooth – Guizhou channel — people.com.cn original title: Qiannan tourists tend to be stable in October 6th, Qiannan territory of the long-term tourists began to return, the main scenic spots (spots) tourists from the peak to go smoothly, but suburban travel still remain. By the end of 12, Qiannan received a total of 904772 passengers, an increase of 53.59%, total tourism revenue of $599 million 245 thousand and 400, an increase of 60%. Among them, Libo large xiaoqikong scenic tourists 62900 passengers; the Weng’an Grass Pond Millennium ancient town scenic tourists 26046 passengers; Zhang bu "Pingtang hidden character stone" scenic tourists 6645 passengers; Guiding Jinhai Mountain Scenic tourists 40720 passengers. Yesterday, in the state of Qiannan while the remote passengers began to return home, but the car, suburban travel heat at. Recently, the various scenic spots (points) launched the theme of tourism has become the main force to promote the continued growth of holiday tourism economy, and showed good results in the holiday. Guiding County town of cloud culture center, October 6th to 9 held the king tournament, attracted large public, tourists flock to the town, built tea brigade; Weng Yinzhan Zhen Yin Zhan Cun Ji Tang Lu, Yonghe Town, alpine flowers Ying Zhen He Cun, Pingding three Zhu Zang Zhen Feng Yan Cun village, rural tourism resort launch theme activities for visitors to create comfortable holiday, usher in a large number of tourists, especially the self driving tourists all over the mountain village, we appreciate the beauty of the scenery, taste local delicacy, to fully enjoy the holiday time. ((Gao Ronghua): Chen Kangqing, commissioning editor Tu min)相关的主题文章: