Quanzhou Kaiyuan Temple is not suspected of visitors seeking antithesis antithetical couplet unspoke happynewyear

Quanzhou Kaiyuan Temple is not the antithesis antithetical couplet visitors seeking not "unspoken rule" the suspect Zhang think this pair of antithetical couplet Kaiyuan Temple is not neat, how do you see? Taiwanese news network November 25th reader Zhang recently to Kaiyuan Temple to play, pay attention to the graduate school entrance archway on the antithetical couplet. It said "for all sentient beings of the ship’s Chi Qiao make to the other side". A small piece of research literature to read, think as antithetical couplet, but not very neat. Yesterday, with little doubt, to our experts and scholars for a. Served as director of the Institute of couplets Chinese Mr. Hu Yixiong, was the "Quanzhou essay" and other books antithetical couplet. Look, this sentence is "by Kegon" in the original sentence. Mr. Hu said, the original sentence should be "in life and death as the sea, all good clever surveyors, of all sentient beings, so to the other side." Strictly speaking, not the antithesis. But this method requires to belong to, can be slightly relaxed. Huaqiao University College Professor Mao Han also believes that although it is not neat, but not from the original sentence, readers do not have to understand is the antithetical couplet. There is a precedent for the use of Scripture in couplets? The answer is yes. China, deputy secretary general, Chinese Calligraphers Association Association Peng Xinguo said, a lot of seniors from "by Kegon CIMC, author of" great master is set three hundred "Hua yan. This need not directly to the original sentence as antithetical couplet use, but can be picked up from the set of good contact. Read – write a couplet "unspoken rule", you know? Academic circles believe that the couplet has a prototype, but the origin can be traced back to Tang, Sheng Ming and Qing dynasties. It is derived from the antithetical couplet form in poetry. The next two league match well, pingze coordination interpretation: Huaqiao University Professor Mao Han said that in the next two antithetical couplet, neat antithesis pingze coordination requirements. Lushi in Qilv, five, the middle two even antithetical couplet. The life of people more and more rich and colorful, people continue to create four words, six words, eight words, nine words, or even dozens of words, hundreds of words long. The shortest combination of upper and lower the four words, is the upper and lower words, must be equal to the same part of speech, the same structure. But the reporter informed, rhyme, poetic couplet exquisite tonal consistency, harmonious tone. The traditional custom is "Ze Ping", namely the end of the sentence with the word at the end of the sentence under the oblique tones, words with tone. This is not absolute, however. For example, the Yuelu Academy "but clearly there is material in Sri Lanka to hold the Imperial Palace; Qianlong ye sanxitang" study embrace the ancient heart Tuohao element "is the act in a diametrically opposite way. The book is not limited, but don’t be too "just write some lively and vigorous flourishes in calligraphy" poetic couplet auspicious words, or sustenance of good wishes and to express the joy of life and longing. For example, in the Spring Festival, marriage, Zhu Shou, also with the industry, scenic spots, such as the. In most temples, places of historic interest and scenic beauty antithetical couplet common column on pavilions, terraces and open halls Pavilion, Chinese Chinese characters, and Fan Manman immediately. Interpretation: Chinese, deputy secretary general, Chinese Calligraphers Association Association Peng Xinguo believe that the style is not limited to writing antithetical couplet. Just too difficult to be lively and vigorous flourishes in calligraphy, is not suitable for identification. Words well written to give people the feeling of beauty. General with the script, official script, lines of antithetical couplet.相关的主题文章: