Raincoat man robbed money with a knife, police arrested within 24 hours (video)-drop dead diva

"A man armed with a knife robbed money woman police within 24 hours of captured Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Huang Daiting Xiao Song Zang) on October 22nd at 19:50 PM, Yangzhou Gaoyou city Wuan Road branch of Agricultural Bank Xing Chen ATM before the occurrence of robbery with a knife. Suspects raincoat as a cover, threatening to surrender the victim just took 7000 yuan in cash. Since then, the party called for help, the suspect fled the scene hurriedly. At 11:10 am on October 23rd, Gaoyou Public Security Bureau Patrol Police Brigade successfully captured the suspect liu. Usually only on television to see a knife robbery scene, the evening of October 22nd in Gaoyou Wuan Road Agricultural Bank ATM withdrawals area is actually staged. It rained the night, Sohn (female) wearing a raincoat to the ATM withdrawals as usual, in the sun will the money in his pocket when ready to leave, always with a man in the area of sudden withdrawals shouchijiandao, his throat, threatening her will over the money, Sohn the suspect was rushed to fight, with a knife on the number, Sohn shouted for help. The man afraid of his things, panic escape, Sohn hurried to the police. After the alarm, Gaoyou City Public Security Bureau xuntejing brigade for the first time to carry out the work, through access to the ground and the surrounding surveillance images, preliminary master basic physical characteristics of the suspect, tracing through visits, investigation and assessment work, locking suspects temporarily. October 23rd morning 11:10 Xu, Patrol Police Brigade plainclothes detective police in the West River Road, a rented house will suspect Liu (male, 45 years old, Gaoyou City, Gan Zhen people) successfully captured. After the trial, in the police’s powerful trial offensive, knowing no way to escape the suspect Liu explained the evening of October 22nd in Wuan Road Agricultural Bank Xing Chen branch of the implementation of the crime of knife robbery. At present, the case is being further examined. Police remind: 1, the best two people together. 2, only counting the cash on the counter, and do not try to let others see. 3, it is best to take a closed transport rapid departure. 4, don’t put the bag of money in the car pocket. 5, change the shoulder bag posture, straight and shoulder. 6, after withdrawal, avoid walking on the road too quiet, as far as possible on the side. 7, pay attention to the abnormal situation around. 8, try to avoid withdrawals at night. Expand video (this video has nothing to do with the original, just for reference) gambling before red eye ATM robbery

“雨衣男”持刀抢劫取钱女子 警方24小时内抓获 现代快报讯(通讯员 黄戴婷 记者 臧晓松)10月22日晚上19时50分许,扬州高邮市武安路农业银行兴晨支行自动柜员机前,发生一起持刀抢劫案件。嫌疑人雨衣作为遮掩,威逼受害人交出刚刚取的7000元现金。此后当事人大声呼救,嫌疑人慌忙逃离现场。10月23日上午11时10分许,高邮市公安局巡特警大队成功将嫌疑人刘某抓获。平时只有在电视上看见持刀抢劫一幕,10月22日晚在高邮市武安路农业银行ATM取款区域内却真实上演。案发当晚正下雨,孙某(女)穿着雨衣来到自动取款机前像往常一样取款,就在孙某将钱装进口袋时准备离开时,一直同在取款区内的一名男子突然手持尖刀,卡着自己的脖子,威胁她将钱交出来,孙某见状奋力反抗,遭到嫌疑人用刀把猛击数下,孙某大声呼救。该男子怕事情败露,慌乱逃离,孙某急忙报警。接警后,高邮市公安局巡特警大队第一时间开展工作,经调阅案发地及周边监控图像,初步掌握犯罪嫌疑人基本体貌特征,通过走访、排查,追踪,研判等工作,锁定嫌疑人暂住地。10月23日上午11时10分许,巡特警大队便衣侦控民警在沿河西路某一出租屋内将嫌疑人刘某(男,45 岁,高邮市甘垛镇人)成功抓获。经突审,在民警的强大审讯攻势下,自知无路可逃的犯罪嫌疑人刘某交待 10 月 22 日晚在武安路农业银行兴晨支行实施持刀抢劫作案的事实。目前,该案件正进一步审查。警方提醒:1、最好两人同行。2、只在柜面上清点现金,并尽量勿让旁人看到。3、最好乘坐封闭式交通工具快速离开。4、切勿将装钱款的包袋放在车兜里。5、改变挎包姿势,变直挎为斜挎。6、取款后避免在过于僻静的道路行走,尽量靠里侧。7、注意四周异常情况。8、尽量避免夜间独自取款。扩展视频(本视频与原文无关,仅作参考) 赌钱输红眼 ATM机前抢劫相关的主题文章: