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Book-Reviews As far as entertainment is considered books have always proved to be the best pastime. High sale of books is a strong evidence for its fame. There are several kind of books but fiction books are the ones which are sold the most. The fiction books are of many types and belong to different categories of stories. Many fiction books have story plot as horror, which have ghosts and other horrid creatures that terrorise the readers. There are also funny .ic stories which are capable enough to fill the reader with uncontrollable laughter. There are also romantic stories which have love as the central subject for the story. Fiction books are therefore very different in their approach and are quite successful in making its presence remarkable in the world of books. These books are based on imaginary situations and experience of unreal characters. These fiction books are really invigorating and entertaining in terms of story line of the books. Many writers have written exceptionally wonderful stories that are the result of their hard work including capabilities of their imagination and creativity. Some of the latest fiction books are naturally interesting and has proved to be a .plete entertainment package. One of the best examples is ‘Sea of Poppies’. This is a wonderful book which has been written by a well known writer ‘Amitav Ghosh’. The story of this book is full of fun and is fantastic to read. Similarly, ‘The Brass Verdict’ is latest fiction book which is extremely interesting, written by the well-known writer Michael Connelly. The story of this book is about a lawyer who finds the right case to start his career towards success after a series of wrong choices. The story features the famous detective character ‘Harry Bosch’ and is one of the most interesting books written on the subject of law and crime. The story is capable enough to provide a feel of a fictitious story like a true experience. There are various examples from world of wonderful books that are being written in the category of fiction and have succeeded in getting huge number of readers’ attention. Latest fiction books, are written in a simple and exciting way to leave invigorating impression. The languages used in these books are very simple and known to everybody, so that reader can thoroughly enjoy the story without any interruption. Therefore, one does not need to keep a dictionary beside him while reading one of these books. Interesting story line is one of the major feature of fiction books. They are popular among the readers for their easy to understand language, so as to provide relaxation and enjoyment to readers. The basic aim of reading these books is to relax and revitalize. At the same time, fiction also gives us the unique capacity to empathize. To buy such fantastic books, online retailers are a very nice option as they provide dynamic range of choices and that too at a .petitive price. Reading an interesting fictitious story can make life rich and enjoyable. Thus, latest fiction books can prove to be a great entertainment tool and a mode of escape from the problems of everyday life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: