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Replace unfamiliar street? Alipay once again test the "circle" social function by netizens ridicule Alipay launched the "small white-collar diary" and "campus diary" function of the existing users begin to shine according to Sina Technology News on November 27th afternoon, after the "high-end single friends", Alipay also launched the "small white-collar diary" and "Campus diary". Alipay on Sina Technology response, the function is still in the testing phase of gray. According to Alipay introduced the "white-collar diary" and "campus diary" were only by white-collar women and female students can not release state, dynamic user can choose the point of praise and reward, as you need to review dynamic credit score of more than 750 sesame. The two circle is still in the small-scale testing phase, the administrator or to monitor the dynamic and comment circles, if it involves obscene, pornographic, personal attacks and other illegal improper remarks, will face the state of being deleted, account was banned or pull black. According to feedback from users of the message, the "white-collar diary" and "campus diary" in most states is seeking a reward by sun pictures, there is a part in advertising. In this regard, netizens have questioned. Friends said that this is a paid version of unfamiliar street struck? Alipay once again test the "circle" social function at the beginning of November, the netizen said, Alipay was invited to join the "high-end single friends", Sina Technology through the search that Alipay has launched a small range based on the same crowd "and the Internet elite circle", "elite returnees circle", "drama circle" etc.. According to the information provided by the users, received the invitation to join the "high-end single circle of friends", but also through the Alipay face recognition test score of yan. If the value of the test scores are not enough, or sesame credit score of 650 or less, can not enter. In addition, from the top of the page above the detailed information, the circle positioning for high-end, high income, high quality high-end single people, will be held regularly online and offline single dating party, and to provide high-end customized single dating service. In August this year, Alipay released 9.9 new versions of Alipay life circle has disclosed that Alipay will build a community based on interest. (Xu Li)相关的主题文章: