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Should You Blog Your Resume By: EeLynn Lee | Jul 20th 2010 – New technology and trends allow job seekers to post resumes on their blog. This practice has both positive and negative benefits. Tags: Shine The Spotlight On Your Resume And Get It Read! By: EeLynn Lee | Jul 20th 2010 – Your resume should be focused, interesting, attractive and customized. Getting your resume read is a matter of delivering a specific message to a potential employer that clearly says, "I’m different from all the rest!" Tags: Don’t Fall Into Time Holes On Your Resume! By: EeLynn Lee | Jul 20th 2010 – Employment gaps on a resume that indicated lack of employment for several months or more used to get resumes tossed. But with the current recession, there are plenty of people with much longer gaps, and it’s not their fault. The key to preventing these gaps from being job killers is to turn the gaps into opportunities. Tags: Filling The Gaps In A Resume Cover Letter By: EeLynn Lee | Jul 20th 2010 – It is important to fill the gaps in employment in a resume cover letter. Ignoring a gap will only make an employer more concerned you have lost skills or are even hiding something you don’t want others to know. Briefly and positively addressing the gap in your cover letter takes the mystery out and replaces it with informat … Tags: Keeping Your Resume On The Top Of The Stack During A Recession By: EeLynn Lee | Jul 20th 2010 – During a recession, the .petition for jobs is intense. When a job is posted, there may be hundreds of applicants. To keep your resume from getting buried in the avalanche, it’s crucial you prove your worth to a .pany’s bottom line. Tags: Changing Overqualified To Fully Qualified On A Resume By: EeLynn Lee | Jul 20th 2010 – In theory, you cannot be overqualified for a job if your skills and .petencies match the job requirements. You need to prepare a resume that focuses attention on how those .petencies will immediately benefit the .pany. Tags: Job Search Tips: 5 Secrets To Using Linkedin To Find Your Dream Job By: Mary Elizabeth Bradford | May 13th 2009 – Have you secretly been wondering what all the hoopla is over social networking sites liked LinkedIn…but been too afraid to ask? Or perhaps you are in the midst of a job search and know using sites liked LinkedIn should be part of your job search strategy….but you are not exactly sure how to go about it? Tags: Job Salary: Avoid The 6 Biggest Mistakes! By: Paul Megan | Nov 16th 2006 – Before you even go to an interview or first meeting with a decision-maker you MUST avoid the .pensation pitfalls that can derail your good intentions. Tags: 5 Powerful Alternative Career Goals That Guarantee Your Future! By: Paul Megan | Jun 3rd 2006 – With these powerful alternative career goals you"��ll stand out more to your current employer and other .panies . . . you"��ll be a much better candidate if you decide to get into the job market in the months ahead. Tags: Your Choice . . . An Alternative Job Search Plan Or A Crap Shoot! By: Paul Megan | May 12th 2006 – We"��ve all been brainwashed into thinking that the resume is the focus of a job search plan. The better the resume the better the results. The wider the distribution the more interviews. Nothing could be further from the truth. Tags: Fabulous News! World"��s Hottest Job Market For Grads! By: Paul Megan | May 11th 2006 – The best jobs will go to the creme of the 2006 crop. And the .petition will be fierce, not only for the plum assignments but for the average ones as well. Tags: How To Beat Out The .petition . . . An Alternative Job Success Strategy! By: Paul Megan | May 10th 2006 – If you want to be on track for superstar status, you have to be prepared to take on the biggest and riskiest projects. Tags: Why The Non-resume Strategy Beats Out A Traditional Resume Every Time! By: Paul Megan | May 3rd 2006 – Traditional job search wisdom requires that your first step into the job market is to write a resume. Unfortunately that doesn"��t square up with the way hiring decisions are made. Tags: Alternative Employment Guide Says, "��build Your Dream Team!"�� By: Paul Megan | May 3rd 2006 – If you"��ve been in the job market a while–stuck in place without finding a job–then you know what I mean when I say to old ways just don"��t work anymore. Fortunately there are exciting new alternatives! Tags: Strategic Job-hopping . . . How To Get Way Ahead In Your Career! By: Paul Megan | May 1st 2006 – Proponents of non-traditional career advancement strategies re.mend that you make job-hopping a routine part of your career plan. At least if you see yourself on the way to the top! Tags: Non-traditional Career Advice . . . Start Job-hopping! By: Paul Megan | May 1st 2006 – Non-traditional career advice is the solution to your job search dilemma. It makes you get in tune with today"��s sophisticated job marketplace. Tags: Non-traditional Job Hunting . . . Not Easy, But Highly Successful! By: Paul Megan | May 1st 2006 – Most of us would like to be entertaining job offers in a matter of days, not months. And we"��d like to have a say in what the job looks like. And, maybe we"��d like to have two or three job offers on our plate. Tags: Your Executive Development Success Might Depend On Newbies! By: Paul Megan | Apr 27th 2006 – Everything"��s been turned upside down. And the newbies are the mentors Tags: You Gotta Be Kidding! A New Job In 14 Days? By: Paul Megan | Apr 25th 2006 – Relying on your resume or your work history to get you a job just doesn"��t cut it anymore. Tags: Out Of Work? Implement This Strategy Immediately! By: Paul Megan | Apr 23rd 2006 – People want to know you"��re OK. They want to perceive you as someone who"��s on top of the game and can give some evidence of your ability to handle concerns. Tags: Is A Non-traditional Job Hunt Right For You? . . . Take This Test! By: Paul Megan | Apr 21st 2006 – If you answer "��true"�� to any of these questions, you better try something new because you don"��t understand the basics of the 21st Century job market. Tags: Tell The Truth About Finding A Job . . . Then Check Out The Alternative! By: Paul Megan | Apr 15th 2006 – Don"��t be too hard on yourself. You"��re just a victim of the old-fashioned notions about the best way to find a job. Tags: Alternative Job Search System . . . What"��s In It For Me? By: Paul Megan | Apr 15th 2006 – The old-fashioned methods just don"��t work anymore . . . not, at least, if you"��re looking to make a move quickly and be in a position to select your next job rather than settle for it. Tags: Career Path Confusion? . . . How To Choose The Right One! By: Paul Megan | Apr 13th 2006 – When dissatisfaction and maybe disillusionment set in, we begin to think about changing our career path. But how . . . without slipping into the same dilemma all over again? Tags: Job Hunting Online . . . Is It A Waste Of Time? By: Paul Megan | Apr 8th 2006 – Monster boasts 15 million resumes in its active database. Just guess how many resumes pop up anytime an employer does a search. What are the odds that the right person will ever see your resume? Infinitesimal! Tags: Job Seeking Passion . . . Ignore It At Your Peril! By: Paul Megan | Apr 8th 2006 – Employers want to hire people who are passionate about the work they"��re doing. If you"��re unable to show passion you have only a small chance of being hired–though a prospective employer will probably never tell you that"��s the reason. Tags: What It Really Takes To Job Hunt . . . One Searcher"��s Honest Reflections. By: Paul Megan | Apr 6th 2006 – I wondered what it was like to struggle with finding a job when you didn’t use an alternative job search success system. So often we like to dwell only on the glowing successes. Tags: Tele.muting . . . Could This Irresistible Job Option Be Right For You? By: Paul Megan | Apr 5th 2006 – Tele.muting is not just for senior level managers and staff. Increasingly, people with lower end job titles and lower end wages are breaking into tele.muting opportunities. Tags: Heading For The Top? The Secret Of Job Success! By: Paul Megan | Apr 4th 2006 – If you"��re serious about doing whatever you need to for job success at the upper levels . . . then here"��s a secret plan that will guarantee your success. Tags: The Executive Resume . . . It Better Be Hot Stuff! By: Paul Megan | Mar 29th 2006 – This key document has to position you in the mind of the decision-maker as someone who is ready to step in and hit the ground running. Tags: Seriously Upgrade Your Interview Skill . . . With Attitude! By: Paul Megan | Mar 29th 2006 – There"��s no employer alive who will hire you from some written presentation. They all want to see you, interact with you and, most of all, check out your attitude. Tags: What"��s Your Story? . . . Job Interviewing With Pizzazz! By: Paul Megan | Mar 27th 2006 – In most cases, no employer is going to make a hiring decision about you on the spot. He/she is going to weigh you against other candidates. Any decisions about you are likely to made long after you"��ve gone. Tags: Job Lay-off? Here"��s What To Do Right Now! By: Paul Megan | Mar 16th 2006 – Recovering from this traumatic event is contingent upon how quickly you can get past it and get on with the rest of your life. Having a plan of action can both heal the hurt and resolve some immediate issues. Tags: Why You Better Pay Attention To 2005 Median Wages! By: Paul Megan | Mar 15th 2006 – If you"��re not advancing in terms of your .pensation . . . you"��re going backwards! Tags: Not So Fast! A Job Search Trap Can Ruin You! By: Paul Megan | Mar 13th 2006 – If the hiring decision-maker doesn"��t like you–doesn"��t feel good about having you as an associate–you"��re out! Tags: Why Did Your Last Interview Fail? By: Paul Megan | Mar 12th 2006 – In the final analysis there"��s only ONE reason why your interview failed. When it .es to making a decision about you only one thing about you will make the difference. Tags: Don"��t Make A Move Until You"��ve Discovered Your Career Options! By: Paul Megan | Mar 9th 2006 – If making a job or career move is the answer to your sense of restlessness or your need for advancement, then this is the time to explore all your options. Tags: Career Development Tip . . . Time For A Check-up! By: Paul Megan | Mar 8th 2006 – When it .es to your job or career, you have to think of it as an investment. After all, a lot depends on your regular paycheck . . . personal success, family welfare, future growth, home, car, vacations. Tags: 61 Year Old Man Desperately Seeking A Job! . . . Could This Be You? By: Paul Megan | Mar 4th 2006 – Thousands of family men and women around the country are facing the same desperation. The cure, of course, is to find a job that will answer their needs. Here’s how. Tags: Landing Your Dream Job By: J. Elisha Burke | Jan 10th 2006 – When considering the best way to write your resume, there are many things you can do to help you land your dream job. This can include anything from using the correct type of paper to using the correct words and phrases. This article will provide resume tips for landing your dream job. Tags: How To Remove The "��white Lies"�� In Your Resume Before They Are Spot! By: George Williams | Dec 26th 2005 – Let"��s just face it: the job market can be a very tough place to .pete in. In order to survive in today"��s job market, people often resort to artificially "��inflating"�� their resumes with little "��white lies"��. Chances are, you"��re also thinking of doing the same. Well, as tempting as it may be, you … Tags: 相关的主题文章: