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"Rivers and lakes" people say the upcoming Alan Tam Jordan Chan starring Jordan Chan Sohu – Sohu entertainment entertainment news by Beijing media, Hongkong Sheng and star dream salon CO produced entertainment production volume super film "rivers and lakes" upcoming words. "Rivers and lakes" speaker directed by Hongkong director Lin Chaorong, director Alan Tam, starring Jordan Chan, Jaime Chik, Christine Ng, Cai Jie, Cai Hanyi, talk about good words, starring Natalis Chan, Jessica Hsuan, Lu Haipeng, Huang Yishan, Hu Feng, Li Sixin, Tang Beishi, Qian Guowei et al in the family. There was no parallel in history. All-Star lineup, Hongkong line of the old play bone incursion. "Rivers and lakes" say people will shine in the network movie this piece of blue ocean! "It" tells the story of the river between the two old people say love, affection and arena of moral entanglements between the so-called "rivers and lakes, rivers and lakes, rivers and lakes", in the black vortex in the main angle can get rid of "in the political arena, involuntarily" destiny, who can finally become a real "quack" if things people is the biggest thing. Super creative lineup for the wild type film "and establish a new benchmark of the super luxury cast, will dominate the arena gangster genre film market. It is also worth mentioning the young representative Jordan Chan is also doing well in the movie, is worth looking forward to. The film producer Gao Jianwen said, "itself is 80, for the Hongkong film arena gangster style is an indelible memory of their growth process, we believe that understanding of commercial films from Hong Kong films, and the film is filled and a wide range of Star Media with Hong Kong team, is the sincerity of the. Gao Jianwen himself expressed strong resistance to the vulgar film. Our production of "Jianghu people," the original intention is to hope that a high standard, professional and experienced production team, all star lineup, the production of the best content. Nostalgia Hong Kong style love songs to reproduce Alan Tam, the theme song is not only the production of the film itself is good, the music is also quite the intention of Jordan Chan. The film got Hongkong famous musician Wu Lecheng served as music director, in the first two episodes, Hong Kong Style songs reproduce nostalgia at the same time, it can make people a moment ran back to the last century. Alan Tam and Jordan Chan on the movie theme song chorus. Will also bring a lot of surprises for the audience.   相关的主题文章: