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Roaming space 33 days, Shenzhou No. eleven home safely – Sohu technology in space roaming a month later, the Shenzhou V spacecraft with two astronauts Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong safe return. Beijing time 13:59 on November 18th, Shenzhou eleven spacecraft successfully scheduled in Inner Mongolia area of landing, the two astronauts all in good condition. With the Tiangong two "break up" Shenzhou eleven travel on the earth has undergone the following processes: photo: observer network fitness two. In the space of the 33 days, Jing Haipeng and Chen winter day quite substantial, both when the shovel feces officer to silkworms, but also to the lettuce watering and fertilizing also, take exercise…… Of course, these silkworms are not kept playing, cocoon silkworm and lettuce samples will be brought back to the ground for researchers to conduct follow-up studies. In addition, the two astronauts are also carried out for the first time in the history of human space brain computer interface experiment, namely the astronauts thinking into instruction of black technology, and the system will also monitor the astronaut’s mental workload etc.. As for exercise, mainly in order to combat the effects of weightlessness on the body. The No. two is equipped with a treadmill, spinning, machines, fitness equipment, but Chen Dong said the first two days on the treadmill at run, then slowly adapt to. Day boat one over a smooth landing, the two astronauts will be carried out after 1.5 hours of gravity to adapt again on the helicopter, the helicopter will also eat the first meal to return to earth. Photo: Tiangong two will remain in orbit, to carry out scientific experiments. By April of next year, it will usher in the next visit to the ship one day. Different from the Shenzhou series, day boat series is a cargo ship, carrying capacity of 5 tons, mainly for the space station supplies. Title: Tiangong two from micro-blog mailbox: wuling@ifanr mailbox work Wu Ling # welcomed the attention of the love child norm WeChat certified public number: AppSolution (micro signal: appsolution), found that the essence of cool new applications. Love fan children | original link view comments · Sina · micro-blog相关的主题文章: