Sales of 7.19-9.89 Dongfeng popular new Ling Chi M5 listed – Sohu automobile

The sale of 7.19-9.89 million new Dongfeng popular Ling Chi M5 listed Sohu [Sohu] car new car before the car Sohu was informed that after the F500 Ling Chi Chengdu auto show officially named "new Ling Chi M5, listed in September 30th, a total of 4 models, priced at 71 thousand and 900 yuan -9.89 yuan. The new car market, car will contain new Ling Chi Ling Chi M5, Ling Chi M5 long axis models, cash cash Ling Chi M3L, Ling Chi V3, these models will be extended in the sale. · overview of the vehicle since 2001, since the listing, with spacious and comfortable, economical and practical advantages have won wide recognition, in total sales in 2016 exceeded 600 thousand. The new Ling Zhi M5, designed to meet the consumer demand for entry-level business MPV, and as the main sales of Zhi Zhi Zhi 3 series products are still directly covered by micro users upgrade the market. The new car styling is steady, the use of horizontal split grille and headlight collocation through type layout, highlighting the transverse integral shape; tail design style and the echoes, a new design style of the tail lamp, so that the vehicle trend is stronger; 16 inch Aluminum Alloy hub, dynamic fashion, angular. The body size is 47451720 1950mm, wheelbase 2800mm, compared with the current version of M5 Ling Chi short axis of body size, increase the length of 30mm. At the same time, second rows of seats can be moved back and forth, the third rows of seats can be hung side by side, the combination of up to 9 seats, the largest vehicle storage space can be extended to 4400L. Interior use of deep and shallow color combination, simple and neat design. Configuration, 8 inch LCD touch screen navigation, video playback, Bluetooth phone still will be based on models equipped with Lingzhi in M5, and the new car before the door, welcome lamp collocation handrails. The new Ling Chi M5 part of the model seat leather material package, to support the 4 manual adjustment function, the roof is equipped with 5 skylights, the same car is relatively rare. Power, the new 1.6L MITSUBISHI 4A92 and MITSUBISHI 4G94 2.0L two power options, maximum power of 122 horsepower (1.6L engine), 121 horsepower (2.0L engine), were matched to 5 speed manual gearbox. The suspension structure is the front Mcpherson type, the rear leaf spring (4) non independent suspension. Summary: since 2001 research and development of independent brands of the first MPV models, after more than ten years of exploration, Dongfeng popular MPV has been formed from the business MPV to the home MPV complete layout. The new Ling Chi M5 will be as 7-10 million MPV market segments boutique models, it’s listed, and Ling Chi 3 Series jointly improve the quality of the product layout, enhance product competitiveness, become the main sales of Dongfeng popular models.相关的主题文章: