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Science: large marine animal extinction risk higher Orcas Xinhua News Agency San Francisco September 15 killit Xinhua (reporter Ma Dan) the latest study found that, in the modern ocean, facing large marine animal extinction risk to be bigger than the small sea animal, which is likely to be caused by human fishing activities. Researchers at the Stanford University and the United States have focused on the two major marine animals, mollusks and vertebrates, to analyze the association between the risk of extinction and the ecological characteristics of the body over the past 500 years. The results show that there is a strong correlation between the extinction risk of marine animals in the modern ocean and the larger size. Responsible for the research of Stanford University paleontologist Jonathan · Payne pointed out that marine animal body weight per 10 fold increase in the risk of extinction, an increase of about 13 times. The study did not directly examine the specific causes of the high risk of extinction in large marine animals, but the findings are consistent with a large body of scientific literature that humans are the culprit. The researchers explained that in the first human tendency capture large marine animal in fishing, as the ancient people hunted mammoths and other large terrestrial animal. Human beings into the new ecosystem, the first is to kill large animals. The reason why the marine ecology has not yet appeared the phenomenon of large-scale marine animal extinction, because before the human activity is confined to coastal areas, the lack of deep-sea fishing technology. The researchers believe that selective extinction of large marine animal may have a serious impact on the marine ecosystem, because of the large marine animal at the top of the food chain, they are in the sea swimming in the ocean to help recycle nutrients. Fortunately, there is still time to change the behavior of human beings, through the national and international levels of appropriate management decisions, to reverse the trend of high extinction risk of large marine animals.相关的主题文章: