Security Breach At University Of South Carolina Exposes Sensitive Staff And Student Data-reshacker

Security Data breach may result in disclosure of sensitive personal information related to the affected individuals. Data breach may be caused due to a security lapse, intrusion by cybercriminals and human error. Recently, University of South Carolina reported a .puter security breach, which caused leakage of personal information including social security numbers related to around 31,000 people. Affected individuals include the faculty, students, existing and retired staff of the University. While, the breach was initially identified on a .puter server in Sumter Campus, it eventually affected individuals in all eight campuses of the University. The security breach is reported to be caused by a human error. The University has issued notification to the affected individuals cautioning them against possible data breach. Usually, University databases contain student information such as names, date of births, mailing addresses, social security numbers, enrolment numbers and courses enrolled. The databases may also include social security numbers, semester id, course id, payroll and bank account details of the faculty members and staff. Information regarding retirees may include retirement benefits and pension plans. In case of a data breach, the extracted information could be misused by cybercriminals to misrepresent, .mit identity fraud, to redirect mails, open fraudulent bank accounts, apply and avail student loans fraudulently. Often, the affected individuals be.e aware of identity theft and misuse of data after they receive letters from banks and credit institutions for non-payment of dues. Data misuse may have severe repercussions on the affected individuals in the form of adverse credit scores, denial of credit, unauthorized transactions and legal hassles for fraudulent loans. Notified individuals must approach the credit bureaus to place a fraud alert on their credit report. Once, a fraud alert is placed on the credit report, banks and credit institutions are required to cross-check with customers before considering a loan application made on their account. Regular security evaluation by professionals such as penetration testers and IT masters degree holders is crucial to identify and weed out the flaws, prior to their exploitation by attackers. Security professionals must also monitor employee logs and access requests by different IP addresses to safeguard student, faculty and staff databases from intrusions, unauthorized access and data breach. Frequent incidents of data breach and other cybercrime incidents has resulted in increased demand for specialists such as online technology degree holders, security analysts and network security administrators. As data breach may have both short-term and long-term implications for the affected customers, organizations must create awareness among the public on the measures to be taken in the event of a data breach through online tutorials, brochures, online .puter degree and e-learning programs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: