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Movies-TV High definition television makes everything on the screen seem a little more realistic. Television channels are really only beginning to understand how to use this new technology to create interesting and engaging new programming. One group of people who might find high definition technology particularly useful are fashionistas and celebrity watchers. With the clarity of picture available on these TVs, every seam of every garment and every imperfection worn by a celebrity on TV is now ripe for critique. Television has always been a medium to convey glamor, fashion, and update us on the lives of the stars. It’s not really clear when fashion programming and criticism started to appear on the airwaves, but it is a social phenomenon that likely started around the time the average person became more and more concerned with fashion. Though it may be hard to believe these days, before the advent of television and other forms of mass communication, knowledge of the latest fashions and styles was something largely confined to big city inhabitants, who regularly traveled in and out and communicated with citizens of other countries. Nowadays, even the most remotely located people have some knowledge of what is generally acceptable to wear in terms of clothing, styling, and accessories. As fashion started to infiltrate areas that previously had no knowledge of the subject, consumers of fashion became more and more sophisticated. Thus, television as a medium not only became a way to disseminate pictures and images of various fashions, but also as a method to critique them. Various television programs are now devoted to hot fashion trends as well as makeovers and what not to wear, filling a demand that exists for more and more information on this subject. There are also several television channels devoted entirely to fashion. One offshoot of this trend has been critiques of celebrity fashion. This trend may have started with the infamous lists of Mr. Blackwell, a fashion designer who since the 1960s had distributed Best Dressed and Worst Dressed which were major media events. The pages of various celebrity magazines have long featured similar sections critiquing celebrity fashion choices, and even counterculture magazine Vice features a section concentrating on the fashion Dos and Don’ts of ultra-chic urbanites. On television, comedian Joan Rivers, and now her daughter Melissa, have for many years critiqued the fashions worn by celebrities at red carpet awards galas in real time. The advent of high definition television makes watching these programs even more rewarding. For example, in awards shows, television cameramen and producers often take great pains to carefully photograph celebrity fashions so that nothing is lost in the translation of the camera signal sent to your home. This can allow you and your fashionista friends to make ever more informed critiques of the sometimes outrageous fashions celebrities wear, and to inform your own choices about the styles available to you on the market. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: