Seek not to destroy! Global take over DreamWorks DreamWorks

Seek not to destroy! Around the world to take over the dream factory "Mars king" live movies for some domestic 80, 90 after the small partners, I believe that many people on this called "God of war" animation is not strange. Like many popular animated cartoons, the animation will also be adapted for a live version, and the difference is that the remake will be the world’s most famous film company, universal pictures. In fact, the movie "voltron" project as early as Jeffrey · Katzenberg worked for DreamWorks Animation CEO has been low-key start, the project has been used by universal took over, writing a screenplay for "X men" and "watchmen" David · is writing the script. The world has not disclosed more details about the project, and now they’re going to finish the first draft of the script and make the next decision. "Voltron" is based on the original king "and" beasts "MechAssault fleet" adaptation of the TV animation. "GoLion" is the beast king of Japan in 80s a set of cartoons, the Americans had put them with another cartoon "XV" (Leica fleet of mecha mecha 15 fleet "fighter") clips into a cartoon, and was introduced to China, named "voltron". Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime works