Shanghai Metro Line 11 station beside the road show parking lot fees will be raised to 20 yuan per d stand by me shinee

Shanghai Metro Line 11 station next to the parking lot along the road show will cost to 20 yuan a day "next to the subway station, the design can park more than and 400 cars in the parking lot every day, but only more than and 10 cars to stop, too wasteful!" The day before, the home Pudong New Area people’s Congress Mr. Gu to reflect this, next to the rail line 11 station road show there is a parking lot, first built Disney in order to spare. But so far, there is little to Disney’s car parked here. Gu believes that, with its idle waste of resources, it is better to open to line 11 along the station as P+R parking lot. Go to Disney’s car little to yesterday morning, reporters rushed to the Pudong New Area Kangqiao Town, from the rail line 11 station on the eastern side of the road show exit the station, and the passage wall, parking lot is Mr. Gu said. This parking lot is built in the high voltage line corridor, covers an area of not small. A row of green on the site out of a number of parking spaces, looks neat and orderly. 10 just after, the venue of a total of parked cars, only occupy a small piece of parking spaces along the road to the entrance of the show. Security told reporters that the parking lot opened in May this year, due to the distance from Disney park is only two stops, the driver can stop the car here, and then transferred to the rail, thereby easing the pressure on the parking area of the park in Disney. Charges 5 yuan an hour, a day of $40 cap, much lower than the holiday area of 80 yuan per day to $100 standard. However, after the opening of the car park business is light, but up to thirty or forty cars a day. Besides, it’s very little to stop here and go to Disney. The reason, Mr. Gu believes that Disney has 7 parking areas within the resort, the core area is also set up outside the emergency reserve car park two. 9 parking lots can supply more than 20 thousand berths. When the peak of the opening of the resort area has not stopped full of passengers, which also need to stop the two stations in addition to a spare car park?" Therefore, even if the parking price in half, less people are willing to go to stop here. 40 yuan a day initially dropped to more than 20 yuan, more than 14 cars in the parking lot only. Disney’s car is not willing to stop here, but some people regard here as "xiangbobo". As the next show along the road station, surrounding, Yiyuan Tang Xiang Wen and many residents concentrated area, ride the rail commuters in the minority, "P+R" (Park & ride, car and bus travel demand connection). But the price of 40 yuan a day prohibitive. The nearby residents Mr. Gu Yiyuan said general rail station adjacent to the "P+R" parking lot one day only charges 5 yuan or 10 yuan, 40 yuan more expensive. In desperation, many people simply parked on the sidewalk along the sidewalk show, or even simply stop in the vicinity of the road, such as the ring bridge. As a result of the road along the north and south sides of the shops, shops sidewalks become a natural parking lot". The reporter saw at the show along the road along the long sidewalk outside the two rows of parked vehicles, with a long slide, no end. Cold parking business, but also to the parking lot pressure. A security official said, a huge investment in the parking lot, and now not only to the hopeless, labor costs will be a loss of nearly 50 thousand yuan per month. The "P+R" field had heard voices, stop)相关的主题文章: